Chinese diet

The duration of the diet is 3 weeks. In general, this diet lasts no more than two weeks (13 days, to be exact), however, if you want not only to get off the diet correctly, but also not to return the lost kilograms again, you need to follow the points without deviating from the intended course. We present you 2 variations of the Chinese diet, to choose from.

First option

  • First week. Let’s be honest, hand on heart, these are the most difficult seven days out of 21 possible. Why, you ask? But because a day you can eat no more than three eggs (adding salt is not allowed), three oranges and drink at least 3 cups of green tea. Naturally, sugar should not be added, otherwise there will be no sense from such a drink. Ordinary water can be drunk in any quantity, there is no limit. By the way, the same applies to green tea.
  • Second week. If you do not break loose in the first week, then you can be congratulated – you have overcome the most difficult, now it remains only to consolidate the result!
  • Now it is allowed to add porridge boiled in water to your daily diet. “On the water” is the key word here! You can eat in any quantity. Of course, you should not eat up kilograms of cereals, but you are welcome to extinguish the feeling of hunger. Sugar and salt are also banned. And so – everything is the same, everything is the same – 3 eggs and 3 oranges per day, plus unsweetened green tea and water in unlimited quantities.
  • Third week. Final. Now with the choice of what to eat, you will not have problems. But, again, the main thing is not to eat the lost kilograms, and even more than that! Now you can diversify your diet due to a variety of fruit drinks and juices. And now you can add fruits to the porridge, and eggs are in the composition with vegetables.

At the end of the diet, in no case should you pounce on food – it is advisable to exclude as much fast food from the diet as possible, or even stop eating at eateries altogether, and give preference to proper nutrition.

Second option

The diet is designed for only five days.

  • For breakfast, you can eat one egg, 50 grams of black, oven-dried bread (preferably, of course, use grain). Drink black coffee. Sugarless.
  • Second breakfast: Tea (without sugar), green peas – no more than 100 gr., And low-fat processed cheese.
  • At lunch, it is allowed to amuse your body with fruits – no more than 200 gr., Boil a piece of lean meat. Plus to everything – 100-150 gr. Fresh cabbage salad. You can fill with olive oil.
  • For dinner, drink a glass of milk (again, we are not fond of “fat” milk).

Naturally, during the diet you can not use salt and sugar, you are allowed to drink coffee or green tea, water – in unlimited quantities. But do not forget that 2 liters per day is the minimum that you should drink. Plus, water dulls the feeling of hunger. At the end of the diet, second breakfast can be replaced with porridge on the water (with the addition of fruit to taste, if you want). And also add this item for dinner to a glass of milk.

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