Chocolate diet for weight loss

Every girl dreams of having a perfect body, but not everyone is naturally given to be slim. Those with good willpower exhaust themselves in the gym and sit on strict diets for weeks, and sometimes months. But what about the sweet tooth? How to refuse such a favorite delicacy like chocolate?

Open the secret: you don’t need to take it out of sight at all and dream at least about a tiny slice at night, there is a way out! chocolate diet. It is the best fit for modern ladies who are busy with work and take care of themselves.

But, despite the seeming simplicity, this diet must be followed for 7 days, without deviating from the course. That is, no indulgence in the form of light snacks with yoghurts, fruits and other foods not listed on the menu – this is the classic version. There is also another variation, it is much more forgiving, as it allows small interceptions of food in the form of popcorn, fruits and salads. But more on that later. The recipe for this diet was born in the homeland of pizza and spaghetti – in Italy. Local nutritionists considered this way to lose weight very original, simple and effective.

First, let’s talk about the classic version of the diet. With such a diet, you will have to put a lock on the refrigerator and stock up on coffee. This drink helps to speed up the metabolism, which makes the diet more effective.

Diet menu for all seven long but sweet days:

  • morning: a cup of coffee without sweeteners and 30 grams of dark chocolate.
  • day: a cup of coffee with low-fat milk (1%) and 30 grams of dark chocolate.
  • evening: a cup of coffee without sweeteners and traditionally 30 grams of dark chocolate.

Stingy, but chocolatey.

A prerequisite for such a diet is a large intake of water (about two liters per day), but not earlier than three hours after eating.

Strict limits guarantee performance:

  • abstinence from the use of juices and carbonated water;
  • the absence of any type of alcohol in the diet;
  • complete exclusion of salt and sugar;
  • abolition of the consumption of vegetables and fruits.

As for the option of a “softer” chocolate diet, compared to the first one, this is just a feast of the stomach!


  • vegetables;
  • fresh fruits;
  • different types of pasta (hard pasta);
  • sauces for pasta (with no meat and low in fat and starch);
  • popcorn (only without salt and cooked in fat-free oil);
  • popcorn additives (soy sauce, hard cheeses, garlic, spices, basil, thyme).


  • chocolate (as in the first version, 30 grams per day);
  • water (at least two liters per day);
  • coffee (3-4 cups a day).

And oh thank the gods, snacking is allowed! You can grab something delicious from the rather impressive list above.

But it is worth warning lovers of such light diets. You need to “get off” carefully, a quick return to the old diet can return freshly lost kilograms to their place in a very short time. Such a diet, as in principle most diets, is contraindicated for those suffering from gastric diseases and diabetes.

But chocolate nutrition is a great opportunity to put yourself in order in a fairly short period of time, allowing you not to part with your adored chocolate for a second!

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