chocolate diet

Often diets are perceived as very tough conditions for the rejection of everything sweet and starchy foods. And those who want to get rid of excess weight cannot always decide on quite serious psychological tests like a rice or kefir diet. But for those who want to get rid of extra pounds and not deprive themselves of their favorite treats, there is an optimal way out – a chocolate diet.

Perhaps you will be very surprised, but the chocolate diet is based directly on chocolate, a healthy product that helps stimulate creative and thought processes, increases the body’s protective immunity, and improves mood. The chocolate diet originates from the 90s of the last century, it was very popular in the Mediterranean countries. Despite its sweet name, such a diet is one of the toughest and most difficult, and, over time, interest in the chocolate diet began to disappear.

The rules established by the diet are not difficult to remember. About 3 should be consumed per day, but 2 chocolate bars would be better, this is 100 grams of chocolate. At the same time, the chocolate diet allows a free eating schedule, which means that you can eat a chocolate bar at a time, or take it in parts throughout the day and drink hot coffee. After taking chocolate, it is allowed to drink green or black tea, not earlier than after 3 hours, and during this period of time you can only drink coffee.

Alcoholic and carbonated drinks are not recommended. You should also exclude foods such as meat, fruits, vegetables, salt.

The calorie content of dark and milk chocolate is approximately the same and ranges from 540-545 Kcal, and additives such as cookies, nuts, raisins increase the calorie content of chocolate, but this does not affect the diet in any way. But white chocolate is not suitable for a diet, since it does not contain cocoa butter, as well as chocolate intended for diabetics, because it contains substitutes instead of sugar.

Nutritionists advise to follow a diet regimen – 5-7 days, and in this short time about 6-7 kg are dropped, and you will feel the first result after 3 days, during this time you will lose 3-4 kilograms. And most importantly, this effect is achieved due to the rejection of salt and the removal of fluid from the body, since coffee helps to remove fluid from the body.

After a weekly diet, the body should be allowed to rest for at least one month, and only after that it is possible to repeat the course of the diet again. After stopping the diet, when there is a return to normal, the weight is still rapidly gaining.

Like any diet, there are always pros and cons. The disadvantage of the chocolate diet is that the food is completely unbalanced, and the body does not receive many useful substances. Such a diet is contraindicated for people with liver disease, hypertension, gallbladder, allergic reactions, pancreas, and patients with diabetes.

The diet has more benefits. If at the end of the diet you manage to overcome the desire to eat a lot, then those extra pounds will forget the way to you.

In the end, a little advice for you, if you do not want to go on a chocolate diet, then you can arrange one day of the chocolate diet a week – taking 100 grams of chocolate and 5 cups of coffee.

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