Choker tattoo: what is it and how to do it yourself

For the first time, “choker tattoo”, or rather, great-great-likeness, was seen among the ancient tribes of North Americans. It was a distinctive sign in the tribe, and only the leader owned the secret of making. Shells, fangs of animals and many other materials at hand were hung around the neck. Also, this product was attributed to the mysterious qualities of a talisman that gives magical power in battles.

Under the kings, for especially solemn events, the female part of the nobility adorned their necks with velvet ribbons with pendants made of precious stones and pearls.

Chokers became widespread thanks to Alexandra, the British Queen, who, due to damage to her neck, had to cover it with many pearl strands that fit snugly.

The modern look of the “choker tattoo” acquired in the mid-epochal 90s. When literally translated from English, “choker” means “strangler”. Such decoration tightly covers the neck. It is made from a thin black fishing line and looks like lace, which evokes associations with a tattoo. Hence the unusual name – choker tattoo.


The main types into which “choker tattoos” can be divided are male and female. Also, these jewelry can be classified according to the material from which they are made and the color scheme. You can weave them from:

  • satin ribbons,
  • thin line,
  • narrow leather straps.

There is no limit to diversity. You can find tattoos woven with their wires, metal threads and even headphones.

To give more color, chokers are decorated with beads, pearls, pendants, pendants and other symbols of individuality.

Regardless of the characteristics, types and application, each choker has an adjustable clasp so that the accessory fits as closely as possible for each tattoo owner individually.

Choker tattoo for women

Of course, it is common for the beautiful half of humanity to adorn themselves. From ancient times to the present day, this desire has only acquired a different look, but the essence remains the same – to stand out. Perhaps the “choker tattoo” can be called the most favorite decoration. They are worn by everyone and everywhere – from low-income students to the first ladies of states, at club parties and state receptions – the choker will add individuality to any outfit and emphasize a unique style. The only difference is in the exclusive material and the cost of precious stones.

The most popular is the choker from Chanel. The unique coloring lies in the combination of fabulously expensive pearls of the largest to the smallest size. And the Missoni brand replaced pearls with crystals, and a unique piece of jewelry was born.

Choker tattoo for men

Men also have a sense of beauty. Any man wearing a choker looks fashionable and original. Choker tattoos for men are not yet as diverse as for women and are mainly modulations of a black rubber (rubber) lace.

The main difference between men’s chokers is just how tough they look. Of course, the presence of pendants is acceptable, but only with a touch of masculinity. It is very popular to wear a bear’s tooth on a cord or a Scandinavian-style pendant.

What to wear with a choker tattoo

This decoration was originally “out of shape” in relation to other beauty accessories, which is why a tradition has developed to combine chokers with a loose style of jeans and a defiant appearance. But an improved choker tattoo will look appropriate with any style of clothing, you just have to choose the right accessory. For example, with classic black trousers and a loose white blouse, a massive woven gold choker necklace will be in perfect harmony.

The most advantageous use case for a choker would be with:

  • bandeau dress,
  • deep neckline,
  • T-shirt with thin straps
  • dress shirt,
  • blouse with a V-neck.

A choker tattoo of a famous brand will add chic and expressiveness to any evening outfit.

DIY choker tattoo

Of course, you can buy a tattoo choker from almost all well-known brands or in ordinary jewelry departments, but making this jewelry yourself is a special chic. And if you believe in its magical power, then a product made by yourself will give strength and protect you from evil spells.

Where do you need to start needlework. First, from the preparation of the necessary material:

  1. fishing line / spandex in various colors;
  2. medium size paper clip;
  3. hardcover book;
  4. lighter for fixing;
  5. manicure tweezers;
  6. decorations: beads, beads, pendants, pendants, rhinestones, etc.

Next, it is worth determining the required length, but for beginners it is recommended to prepare at least three meters of fishing line / spandex, fold into two halves and cut off. The place of the bend of the fishing line must be fixed with a book clip on the hard cover of the book prepared in advance.

Now attention is required, especially if this is the first experience of weaving a choker tattoo. The part of the fishing line that is on the left must be placed on the right side and threaded under the cord on the right, and tighten the resulting loop to the place where weaving began. Then all the previous machinations are repeated in reverse order, i.e. you need to put the line on the right under the line on the left and tighten it to the beginning of weaving. You should get the same loop as the first, only from the opposite side. Now you need to continue weaving in exactly the same sequence, and you get a chain with an openwork ornament. For more chic, you can thread different beads and beads through the fishing line in each loop. At the end of the work, you can decorate the handmade product with a pendant or pendant.

Completion of work can have two options. Either a clasp is attached to the ends of the weave, or the decoration is modeled in such a way that it can be worn over the head. By the way, the era of the nineties became famous for inseparable choker tattoos. They are also valued among today’s choker lovers, to make a choker inseparable, you need very little.

When the length that is needed is woven, the excess fishing line must be removed, and the ends squeezed with tweezers and melted with a lighter.

Now you need to thread the end of the choker tattoo into the resulting loop and set it on fire in the same way. An individual unique handmade decoration is ready. It is now necessary to choose an image for him, the necessary style of dress and enjoy the beauty and irresistibility.

Another option for wearing a choker can be the shape of a bracelet. The choker model gained such popularity only made by weaving from ribbons. In this case, you can also make jewelry with your own hands.

When making, you will need a braid, the color that is selected for the elements of the wardrobe, with which it will be combined. The clasp can be purchased from a specialized store. It is also permissible to decorate ribbons …

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