Choose a bag according to your figure

Every woman has her own way of shopping. Someone makes spontaneous purchases, and someone spends long hours choosing. Not always a hasty acquisition can be successful. Many things lie deep in closets for a long time. Now you can find a large number of tips for choosing clothes. But there is not much information on how to choose a bag according to your figure.

Why the choice of bag depends on the figure

Choosing a bag is a serious task for any woman. Here, an individual approach to the characteristics of a person is important. The main requirement is to match the desired image. It is not easy to solve such a problem. No matter how huge the assortment is, there is only one “that” handbag.

The model and shape of the accessory plays an important role in creating the overall image. With it, you can emphasize the dignity of the figure. The wrong choice will only point to all the shortcomings. The bag is a very important accessory. Its color and shape are able to attract the attention of the opposite sex to its mistress.

Every girl has her own charm. Regardless of the type of figure, women are beautiful and unique. Not a single representative of the fair sex will be left without male attention. To simply point out our merits, we will choose the right bag model. First, decide on the type of your figure.

Depending on growth

Any bag is suitable for tall girls of model type. The form is not so important. She will still emphasize the positive aspects of the figure. The only thing is that very tall women should give up small handbags.

Representatives of average height should pay attention to medium and small models of bags. They visually elongate the figure. And the proportions of the body will become more slender.

Petite girls will have to give up large bags. Yes, they are incredibly comfortable and roomy. But the best choice would be small models. Large bags will cut your height and make you look awkward.

Depending on the type of figure

Owners of magnificent forms are ideal for medium models, and a little more. Experiment, colors, design – your privilege. Turn on your imagination to the maximum, come up with new combinations. Most importantly, the body of the bag must be rigid. Soft models look shapeless.

Women with wide hips are advised to add volume to the upper part. It is worth choosing medium handbags, but with short handles. However, if you have a beautiful bust, the previous form will not work. The length of the handles should be chosen a little longer. This model can be worn on the elbow.

Girls with a “rectangle” figure should take a closer look at soft bags with a small volume. And for a typical athletic physique, there are youth options. Geometric shapes are prohibited. They will give excessive severity.

For the soul

It is difficult to choose from all the variety. The market boasts a wide range of models. Each person will find something for his soul. You just need to remember that the bag not only helps to carry things with you, but also can create a good image.

Small clutch feature

Representatives of a modest bust should buy a small clutch. In the position on the elbow, below the chest, it adds some volume. Plus, it will be a good solution for walks and dates.

Large bag is a must for shopping

Large shapeless bags are combined with any type of figure. They can be considered relatives of economic models. They are ideal for walking with children, for shopping.

Briefcase – accessory of the head

What manager does not have his portfolio? You constantly have to carry important documents with you, and there is no time to look for them in different bags. A briefcase is a universal attribute for both a male boss and a woman. Stylish, comfortable, practical.

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