Choosing a nail file

There are a wide variety of nail files on the market today. The question arises, which one of this huge number of options to choose? It will be indisputable that the criterion for evaluating and perceiving any woman is the presence or absence of a manicure. But the grooming of your hands depends, of course, on you and your awareness of manicure products.

One of these tools is a nail file, which will be discussed further. After all, the right choice of nail file determines the quality of your manicure. We will talk further about how to choose a nail file for yourself, and in general what they are.

Experts advise using different nail files for different nails. So, for example, it is better for women with extended nails to use coarse-grained nail files, and for natural nails, nail files made of rubber or cardboard or glass are more suitable. Metal nail files split the nail, so it is recommended to refuse them.

If you are the owner of nails with a good margin of hardness, then you can use diamond, sapphire or ruby ​​nail files to care for such nails. In the case of thin and brittle nails, sandpaper or ceramic nail files are suitable, which will help to carefully give the shape you need to your nails. Also, some nail files are also designed to treat the skin around the nail bed.

The choice of a nail file is influenced not only by the properties of nails, but also by the tasks for manicure. So, correcting the length is best done with a coarse-grained file, and shaping will be more successful using a fine-grained nail file.

To avoid delamination of nails, remember these simple rules:

  • You can file your nails only when completely dry.
  • Move the nail file in only one direction – from the edge of the nail to the center.
  • The manicure is completed by grinding and polishing the nails. This is done with appropriate nail files. In this case, the preferred use of crystal and glass nail files. To remove stains and grooves on the nails, special files for polishing and grinding are used. The abuse of these procedures leads to the appearance of weakening and delamination of the nails. Grinding and polishing of nails should occur no more than twice a year.

Following all of our tips and tricks will help you have shiny, healthy, even, smooth and beautiful nails.

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