Choosing a shampoo for colored hair

The color of a person’s stripes is predetermined at the genetic level, but often you want to bring variety to your life, becoming either a burning brunette or a beautiful blonde. Coloring is the only way to bypass natural color.

Unfortunately, you have to pay for everything, including the beauty of the hair, since the coloring itself is stressful for the hair and the body as a whole.

Hair, previously radiant with beauty and health, begins to require close care and attention, otherwise it becomes brittle and dry.

Accordingly, changing the hair color, you should also change the line of shampoos.

Now you should pay attention to shampoos that restore the internal structure of the hair, have the properties of nutrition and hydration, color retention, with the effect of mild cleansing and protection from UV radiation.

Dyed hair cannot stand frequent washing, otherwise all the paint may end up in the sewer sooner or later, regardless of the quality of the paint itself. Using shampoos with dye can prolong the beauty of the hair, but not for long.

First of all, this is due to the fact that the paint in any shampoo does not last very long and is erased with any contact: as a result, after a few days, the hair begins to look spotty. Secondly, the shades of shampoos with dye are rough and it is simply impossible to choose the right shade when buying.

Any shampoo contains washing ingredients, due to which the hair is cleansed. The strongest are ammonium and sodium sulfates, which negatively affect dyed hair, destroying the paint.

This means that when choosing a shampoo, you should pay attention to a product with a softer formula and the obligatory presence of a styling effect that protects colored hair from UV radiation.

The use of shampoos with natural additives will have a beneficial effect on the beauty of the hair, their elasticity and health. Extracts of millet, chamomile, bamboo will give the hair the necessary strength, saturating the hair with a complex of minerals and vitamins and preserving the acquired color for a longer period.

The presence of vitamin supplements in the shampoo makes its effect on the hair structure more noticeable. A good choice would be a shampoo that has a beneficial effect on the blood circulation of the scalp and the nutrition of the hair follicles.

To combat dandruff in colored hair, you should take care of a suitable shampoo, which, in addition to the main components, includes an anti-fade complex. Using conventional anti-dandruff shampoos will bleach colored hair.

Accordingly, shampoos should be used in combination with conditioners for colored hair. It is desirable to choose a conditioner from the same line as the shampoo. If this is not possible, opt for conditioners for color-treated hair that do not contain silicone, as it has a negative effect on color-treated hair, stripping it of color.

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