Choosing a stylish look for the New Year’s corporate party 2022

Exciting Christmas holidays often make you think what to wear to a corporate party for the new year 2022 in the summer. Indeed, in order to be on top among your colleagues, it is important to think over your image in advance. The features of a stylish bow largely depend on where exactly they plan to celebrate the holidays.

New Year corporate party 2022

Corporate in the restaurant

Large companies often arrange celebrations in the restaurant in order to emphasize their image. To go to such an elite institution, there is a strict dress code that must be observed. The classic option is a cocktail dress combined with daring stilettos.

A fresher combination is a fluffy skirt and an evening top, if necessary, you can add a jacket or cardigan. This is a practical choice in the sense that you can create various combinations with just a few things in your arsenal, and still always be on top!

If you are going to buy an evening dress, be sure to think about how solemn the corporate party will be. Often a middle manager looks silly wearing a red carpet dress. The main rule of such an outfit (especially women over 40 should pay attention to it) is the right accent. That is, the model should open only one zone: either a slit on the skirt, or a deep neckline, or a bare back. If there are several cutouts at once, any lady will look vulgar and vulgar.

Evening at the club

This is where you should definitely do without long hemlines and puffy dresses! Keep in mind that if you are going to walk until the morning, then clothes, first of all, should be comfortable. An original stylish bow can be created using a light jumpsuit as a basis.

You can combine it with wedge sandals or pumps. And even if the jumpsuit is plain, you should shine in it (of course, not like a Christmas tree)! So take care of bright accessories: voluminous earrings, a necklace or a scarf.

Another option that is now at the height of fashion is pleated skirts. They favorably beat all the advantages of the figure and hide the flaws, which is especially important for women over 50 years old. It is desirable to combine such a model with a strict shirt or a light blouse, but it is better to refuse a voluminous top, ruffles and flounces.

Party at the office

If the management is going to celebrate the New Year holidays right at the workplace, this is not at all a reason to come to the corporate party in your everyday suit. Feel free to wear a cocktail dress, just do not abuse mini-skirts and too deep neckline. It is better to draw attention to yourself with bright details or an original cut.

A full-length woman is perfect for a festive trouser suit. Straight pants or flared pants are perfectly played up with a top with sequins. Pay special attention to bright shoes and a handbag. Remember that they should be combined, but in no case be the same color!

Since the new year 2022 will be held under the sign of the black water tiger, elements with a “predatory” print will be useful. But it also should not be too much: a tiger-colored belt or a manicure will be enough.

Official corporate

Another thing is if you work at an enterprise of state importance. Then you may well expect a full-fledged official corporate party, which involves performing on stage, serious negotiations and a buffet at the end.

For such a corporate party for the new year 2022, a woman really should wear a floor-length dress and high-heeled shoes. As you can see in the photo below, bright models with sequins, sequins and lace are in trend this season. On girls with a good figure, sheath dresses made of dense fabric look great. Well, you can hide the flaws with the help of corrective underwear. You can complement such a chic look with a fur or satin cape.

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Special cases

Costume party. If a costume party is planned at work, then, on the one hand, it’s easier: you don’t have to worry too much about being in trend. On the other hand, you need to skillfully choose a costume in order to play a role and emphasize your individuality.

This year, we recommend paying attention to the image of a predator, as the year of the tiger is approaching according to the eastern calendar. But don’t limit yourself to striped colors. It is quite possible to appear before colleagues in the style of a catwoman with flirtatious ears or an elegant panther.

Theme evening. Another special case is when not a costume party is supposed, but a theme party. For example, a single color is chosen, which must be present in the outfits of all guests. Play up this offer by choosing an accessory of the right color, but at the same time, don’t be afraid to stand out!

When thinking about what to wear to a corporate party for the new year 2022, do not forget about a stylish hairstyle and makeup. Indeed, in order to impress colleagues, it is very important to create a holistic image, taking into account the smallest details. And, of course, remember: it is important to follow fashion trends, but it is much more important to be yourself!

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