Choosing a wedding dress and accessories for tall girls

Tall, short, thin, full … All girls are different, and all are equally beautiful. Beauty lies in the emphasis on individual merits. And how to make such an accent to a tall girl on her wedding day is described below.

Dress models

Girls of short or medium height run the risk of “getting lost” in puffy skirts and a lot of details. But tall ladies in such dresses look like princesses, and at the same time do not lose their individuality.

  • Ballroom. The ball gown has a “fitted” up and a bell skirt to the floor. In this dress you will become the queen of the ball in every sense. And also it will make girls with any type of figure look like the famous “hourglass”.
  • “Mermaid”. The skirt of this model is narrowed, expanding from top to bottom. Thanks to one of its main advantages of the figure – long legs – the fishtail will look as “natural” as possible in principle.
  • “Ballerina” is a short (above the knee) dress with a bell skirt. Suitable for ladies with stunning long legs!
  • With a long train. They are just made for you! On tall girls, this style looks incredibly organic. Especially look at such styles with a V-neck on the back – they will look elegant, emphasizing the shoulders.
  • A-silhouette. If you have complexes due to your high growth and you would like to “decrease” a little, then the classic cut, reminiscent of the letter “A”, will help with this. It visually shortens the silhouette and narrows the waist.

A categorical “no”

It is worth avoiding dresses with short (“t-shirt”) sleeves and dresses with a collar. Such elements will look unnatural on your long arms and neck, “chopping off” them.

Tailor-made dress

Although all designers are guided by tall girls, it may happen that no style suits you. There is nothing shameful in applying to the atelier – they do not get married every day.


Tall girls are very lucky, because they can wear large wedding accessories and not look “buried” in them. Therefore, do not worry if your wedding dress is made in a minimalist style – you can achieve the effect of an elegant and “detailed” bride with the help of the right choice of wedding jewelry.


The last, but not unimportant point. You should think about shoes before you choose a dress – so they will definitely match with each other.

Choose the shoes that suit you. Don’t think that they make you a “giantess” or “comm tower”. The wedding day is for the bride and groom. Therefore, you can wear stilettos, flat shoes, and shoes with medium heels. The only advice here is to combine the height of the heel and the length of the outfit. If the hem of your dress is to the floor, then the height of the heel should be 5-8 cm, otherwise your legs will either stick out in a funny way, or the hem will drag (not like a train, but like a rag).

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