Choosing nail polish

Oh, how hard it is for us women! Men will never understand this. You spend so much time doing a decent manicure, and then – once – you washed the dishes, and there is no manicure! Or even worse – without any utensils, nail polish peels off at the speed of sound. I think a familiar picture to many. We have to deal with this somehow!

One way to fight is choosing the right nail polish.

I think everyone knows that you need to buy high-quality varnish. This is one of the cases when the overpayment of money is fully justified. Expensive varnish lasts longer and lasts longer on the nails. If you want to buy a good varnish, pay attention to the stone and the bottle.

The brush should be of medium hardness. A hard one will be difficult to manage, while a soft one will quickly lose its shape. As a rule, the length of the fibers of the brush is different and it is made in order to make the varnish easier to apply. You can check the brush by putting it on the nail. It should take the form of a semi-opened fan.

Now you can consider the bottle, which should match the size of the brush. It is desirable that he had fewer bends in which varnish loves to get stuck. There are two other things to pay attention to – the smell of varnish and its expiration date.

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