Choosing stylish shorts for the summer of 2021. An overview of the fashion trends of the season

In the summer of 2021, trendy shorts will be a must-have for every girl’s wardrobe. This item is comfortable, stylish and perfect for summer. Let’s see what models of summer shorts will be in fashion this year.

What women’s shorts will be in fashion in the summer of 2021

In the summer of 2021, there will be a very large number of shorts in the trend, so it will not be difficult for you to choose the right ones for you. So, the most fashionable shorts:

  • Bicycle shorts. Cycling shorts are not designed to be used for sports. In fact, women have learned to use this interesting model very successfully in summer looks. In these shorts you can go for a walk around the city, and you will not look like you just left the gym.

  • Denim. Denim shorts, beloved by many girls, are still relevant in the new season. They are ideal for relaxing and walking, successfully fitting into the urban style. This summer, both short denim shorts and models just above the knee will be in fashion. The second option can be more widely used in your wardrobe.

  • high waisted. High-waisted shorts are a favorite of many women, which is not surprising at all. They are not only beautiful and elegant, but also able to adjust your figure. In such shorts, the legs will seem longer, the waist is thinner and the whole figure is more slender.

  • Mini Shorts. This is an option for the most daring girls who are not afraid to show their slender legs. Ultra-short models in the summer are perfect for the beach, because there you can afford much more than in the city.

  • Leather. For cooler summer days, leather shorts are also suitable. They can have different lengths, and can also be used as part of a total bow. Pick a good top under such shorts, and you will look stunning.

  • As part of a costume. Summer trouser suits, the bottom of which is represented by shorts, have become a wonderful replacement for classic suits with trousers. If the dress code at your place of work allows, then you can buy yourself such a stylish outfit.

  • Patchwork style. Patchwork shorts will help you create a fashionable and original look. Things in this style are made up of a large number of patches of fabric in different colors and with different prints. Last season, denim patchwork was very popular, but this season, designers are using other fabrics as well.
  • metallic. Quite unusual, but at the same time very bright shorts made of metallized fabrics will also be in trend this summer. They literally dazzle with their appearance, so they are worth your attention.

The trend will also be Bermuda shorts, which are suitable for both slender and plump women. They have a free cut, so they hide flaws.

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Trendy summer colors and prints

If you are going to buy fashionable denim shorts in the summer of 2021, then you should not have questions about choosing a color. You can take classic blue or light blue, as well as gray shorts.

Other colors are worth mentioning in more detail. To always be in trend, you need to choose the colors that are most relevant in the new season:

  • blue;
  • green;
  • red;
  • fuchsia;
  • marsala color;
  • yellow.

Printed shorts can also help you create a stylish look. Given that there will be many different prints in fashion, you have complete freedom of choice. Stripes, cages, polka dots, animalistic and floral patterns will be popular.

In addition, you can safely buy shorts decorated with various decors. Lace details, flower patches, sequins and metal chains will be very popular.

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What to wear with shorts in summer 2021

Summer 2021 fashion trends allow you to combine shorts with completely different wardrobe items. We will look at examples of images that will help you understand more clearly which bows will be relevant.

Denim shorts look perfect with a jacket. As a top tucked into shorts, you can take a blouse, T-shirt or T-shirt. It is also worth adding sneakers and a stylish handbag to this look. You can also wear bike shorts with a jacket, although these things at first glance seem incompatible. The most successful top in this case will be the top.

The following example shows how high-rise shorts can be worn. A white dress shirt is perfect for them, as well as a blouse or T-shirt. In addition, shorts can be part of the costume. In this example, the suit has a trendy striped print.

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A very feminine look will turn out, in which there are high-waisted shorts and a strapless blouse. As an example, you can see two looks in beautiful pastel colors. Complete them with sandals or white sneakers, as well as stylish accessories.

Another fashion trend worth mentioning here is jumpsuits with shorts. The advantage of such an outfit is that you do not need to select the top and bottom separately, because the image immediately turns out to be complete. In the above example, the jumpsuit is successfully complemented by a straw hat and a wicker bag.

In order to be bright and memorable in the summer of 2021, you should definitely buy yourself some of those fashionable shorts that you saw here in the photo. Do not be afraid of interesting styles and colorful shades, because they attract the most attention to you.

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