Chromium picolinate for weight loss: how to take for weight loss

On the Internet, people come across thousands of reviews about how you can reduce body weight by taking chromium picolinate. This is a dietary supplement used to clean blood vessels from plaques, improve the condition of nails, hair growth, nails. The drug is available in the form of capsules, tablets, drops, without sugar, so it can be taken by people with diabetes.

First of all, the medicine combines chromium and picolinate acids. The first is a very important element that affects a person’s mood, sleep, weight status and other important indicators of human health. The medication helps to restore the reserves of the necessary trace element, improving human health, preventing dangerous diseases. It is also recommended for reducing appetite and sugar cravings.

Reviews of doctors about the medicine

Some doctors claim that the drug is absolutely safe for a person, if you do not make a larger dose, that it can really help in the process of weight loss, since the diet becomes not so heavy. Dietary supplements are categorically not recommended for use by nursing mothers, pregnant women, people who have found intolerance to certain components. For ordinary people, there are almost no side effects. The drug not only helps to reduce appetite, but also to increase efficiency, activity, which will help in sports and at work.

Other doctors say that this miracle drug is a fiction that has no evidence to support weight loss with it. Scientists are inclined to the placebo effect, when people begin to inspire themselves that something should happen to them, but this is just a game of the mind and subconscious. They advise not to rely on any dietary supplements that supposedly help, especially if a person takes it during a diet or sports. After all, you lose weight, but only due to your work, lifestyle changes, nutrition. Therefore, it is better not to spend money on chromium picolinate, because it is pointless. It is better to spend this money on vegetables and fruits or going to the gym.

Some doctors have an opinion that it does not act for long, the result from it is short-term, confirming this by the fact that after stopping its use, the body is destroyed, it fails. If a person stops using this dietary supplement, then the body will begin to react to this: you will want to eat more, especially sweet and starchy foods, the need for food will be difficult to contain. In the end, all your results will be lost, everything will return to normal.

Chromium picolinate was even used in sports nutrition, as it was thought to help build muscle mass and get rid of excess weight. However, studies have shown that in this area it is absolutely ineffective, since it does not fulfill the requirements described above.

Scientists have previously argued that this drug leads to the appearance of malignant tumors, kidney disease, gene mutations. They still cannot say for sure, as the cure is not fully understood.

What to do in case of lack of chromium?

We offer you a list of products that include an important chemical element:

  1. Apples;
  2. Nuts, dried fruits;
  3. Liver;
  4. Yolk of chicken eggs;
  5. Broccoli.

Can Chromium Picolinate Help You Lose Weight?

Nowadays, chromium picolinate is more often taken by people who want to get rid of cravings for sweets, a big appetite. If you have a big need for sweets, then you need to think about the lack of chromium in your body. If you eat junk food more, without preventing it, then you can reduce the supply of chromium in the body at times. Therefore, you need to deal with the needs.

You need to contact a professional, because the symptom can mean anything. A large number of diseases begin with unusual hunger, cravings for sweets. If the doctor prescribes drops, then you can safely go to the pharmacy. It is necessary to use this medicine once or twice, 15-20 drops during meals. You can not abuse it, because the limit of chromium in the body is limited to three grams. It should be noted that you should not expect any supernatural effect from the drops, since they are primarily for restoring chromium in the body. And the consequences in the form of emaciation are just a nice secondary bonus. It is better not to use this drug without consulting a doctor!

What people say: pros, cons

After reading many reviews on the Internet, you can see that people are of two minds about it. A woman on maternity leave writes that after giving birth she recovered and, in order to get in shape without going to gyms, without going in for sports, she began to take this dietary supplement. The duration of admission is a month. After a month of use, she noticed that she no longer wanted to eat sweets, she could easily drink tea without sweets, and began to lose weight. You won’t lose much weight, but you can lose a couple of extra pounds in a month. At the end, she gives advice that if you do not see the result after 1-2 days, then you do not need to quit this drug, it will definitely work.

Another woman writes that this medicine should not be taken without a prescription and consultation with a doctor. Not only did she not lose her weight, she also became intoxicated from a large dose of a chemical in her body. Now the woman is on the lookout for a cure for the festering sores all over her body and hopes she won’t be left with allergies for the rest of her life. She does not recommend drinking drops in order to avoid tragic consequences. Now she claims that this is a deception that is dangerous for people.

Tatyana, who recently bought this medicine, began to lose her hair so that now her scalp is visible instead of bangs. There were suspicions about the valency of chromium, because hexavalent chromium is toxic to health and dangerous. It is easy to confuse it with trivalent, which is just the same in dietary supplements. She drank it not for weight loss, but for a diabetic diet, which was advised by her doctor. Now she can’t make sense of her symptoms and plans to go to the clinic for specialist advice.

Another girl says that the remedy has helped a lot in order to subdue her appetite, especially at night. During the day, she still somehow could control herself, but at night she could not resist sweets, fatty foods. After taking the substance, the woman felt free from food, the eternal absorption of sweets. If earlier I could eat a whole chocolate bar, now 2-3 slices a day! She found it on the Internet and bought it at a local pharmacy. Of course, you first need to contact specialists before using it for such purposes, because information from the Internet may not always be true and safe. Therefore, it is not necessary to tempt fate, as in the previous review, but to find out everything in detail. What’s more, this product can…

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