Cinnamon hair masks

Every housewife has ever heard of such a spice as cinnamon. Its use in cooking is extensive. But many women do not even suspect how good cinnamon is in hair care. With the help of cinnamon, you can achieve hair lightening, accelerate their growth, cinnamon will allow you to take care of problematic oily hair, get rid of their loss, and simply nourish your hair with useful elements.

Cinnamon for hair growth

As you know, scalp massage promotes good hair growth. This procedure promotes a rush of blood to the hair follicles, which in turn activates hair growth. Massage will become more effective with the use of cinnamon oil. For such a massage, you need to use the following mixture:

  • burdock or castor oil – a few tablespoons,
  • cinnamon oil – seven to ten drops.

Mix well and heat up. With the resulting composition, conduct a massage session, periodically combing the hair in different directions with a wide comb with large teeth.

A cinnamon mask will help accelerate hair growth:

  • honey – half a glass (if you need to melt it first),
  • castor oil – three tablespoons,
  • burdock oil – three tbsp. (you can use olive)
  • cinnamon powder – one tablespoon,
  • clove powder – one tablespoon,
  • hot ground pepper – one third of a tablespoon

Heat the resulting mass and mix thoroughly until smooth. Apply the finished mask in a warm form and only on the roots of the hair, avoiding getting the composition on the ends, so as not to dry out the ends and not cause brittleness and cross-section of the hair. The head should be insulated and the mask kept for an hour. To wash your hair after applying such a mask, it is best to use warm water and baby shampoo, as it is softer. This mask for hair growth is called the Indian mask.

Nourishing mask with cinnamon

The most common and effective hair mask using cinnamon also contains nourishing oils. The mask can be used for any type of hair.

The composition of the mask:

  • melted honey – three tsp,
  • melted coke butter – one tsp,
  • macadamia oil – one tsp,
  • cinnamon oil – five drops

The composition is applied exclusively to dry hair, from roots to ends. The exposure time is forty minutes. A good effect can be achieved after two or three applications of this mask.

Volumizing hair with cinnamon

The following mask will help thin hair without volume:

  • one egg yolk,
  • cinnamon powder – one tablespoon,
  • warm kefir – one glass.

It is recommended to apply the mask on clean, damp hair, rubbing it into the roots with massage movements, then distribute it along the entire length, not forgetting to treat the ends as well. Rinse off the mask forty minutes after application, using a mild shampoo, any baby shampoo is perfect.

Mask for oily hair with cinnamon

Oily hair is a problem faced by many women. Oily hair requires special care. Cinnamon powder will help in this, a mask with its use will reduce the oiliness of the hair and keep it fresh and clean longer. For this mask you will need:

  • ground cinnamon,
  • honey,
  • jojoba oil,
  • egg yolk – two pieces.

Proportion 1:1 (increase the proportion depending on the length and thickness of the hair). Distribute the resulting mass on the hair, paying special attention to the ends and roots, keep for an hour. As in previous cases, use warm running water and regular shampoo to wash off the mask.

Cinnamon and hair lightening

Surprisingly, in addition to all the healing properties, cinnamon can also lighten hair. To lighten hair by several tones, mix in equal proportions:

  • ground cinnamon,
  • conditioner or hair balm,
  • lemon juice.

The mask should be mixed in a glass, plastic or ceramic bowl to avoid oxidation. The application of such a mask requires preliminary preparation. Hair should be washed and dried a little so that it remains slightly damp. Apply the mask to the hair by dividing it into strands. Better to use gloves. The mask should not be rubbed into the scalp, carefully avoid getting the composition on the skin of the face. Compliance with these rules will avoid allergies and redness.

After applying, you need to wrap your head with a hat or towel and walk like this for forty minutes, after which the hat or towel should be removed and the mask should be kept for at least four more hours. The mask is washed off with a simple shampoo. We should not forget that lemon juice dries out the ends of the hair very much.

After such a mask, the hair will need additional moisture. A good effect can be achieved by increasing the dose of cinnamon in the mask, or by applying this mask repeatedly at intervals of several days.

Cinnamon in the fight against hair loss

Hair loss is a problem faced by many women. Cinnamon oil will help to cope with it. To prepare this mask, mix the following ingredients in a 1: 1 ratio:

  • cinnamon oil,
  • castor oil,
  • calendula (tincture),
  • capsicum (tincture),
  • honey,
  • cognac,
  • onion juice.
  • egg yolk – two or three pieces.

The mask is applied only to the scalp and hair roots, kept under a warm hat for an hour and washed off with regular shampoo.

Enrichment of shampoo with cinnamon oil

The choice of shampoos in stores is very large, but few of them consist of natural ingredients and really nourish and saturate the hair. To achieve the best result in hair care, you can improve your shampoo by adding cinnamon oil. The amount should be adjusted depending on the volume of the shampoo jar: five to ten drops per volume of two hundred and fifty milliliters (most shampoos are sold in this dosage). Washing your hair with an enriched shampoo will allow your hair to be nourished with beneficial substances.

With all the beneficial properties of cinnamon, you should take into account your individual characteristics for this spice and for all the components of hair masks in order to avoid allergic reactions.

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