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A lot of photos of female looks with a classic bob prove that this haircut is not only elegant and beautiful, but also very popular. It will be interesting and useful to find out why the even strands of the squares of the ladies are so attractive, and what variations of the classics exist now.

Fashionable classic bob

Once upon a time, this haircut became a real revolutionary breakthrough – against the backdrop of elaborate hairstyles from long hair, strands to the shoulders, lightness and ease of styling struck all women on the spot. Believe it or not, huge queues lined up in the salons in order to quickly get a fashionable haircut.

But even now, the square remains one of the favorites, among the best haircuts of the year, in stylish trends season after season. Moreover, this is far from a simple haircut, but a skilled stylist and master can always choose a square option for each girl.

The classic square is a haircut for short or medium length, without a bang with a parting or with a straight bang. Traditionally, classics are suitable for straight hair, but often girls style strands, slightly twisting them inward or making waves to create new looks.

Kare and face type

This haircut is best suited for an oval face. But now professionals are able to pick up a bob for any type of face with slight changes in a haircut, hide appearance flaws, for example, a too narrow chin, protruding cheekbones, a wide forehead.

Perfectly even cut strands

After all, even such a clear and flawless form of the classic square allows some modifications:

  • a high or wide forehead can be balanced by choosing the right bangs;
  • too elongated, elongated face can be visually brightened up if the strands are below the chin and twisted inward;
  • neck flaws – a too massive neck or with flabby skin – are easily masked by an elongated square to the shoulders;
  • sharp, angular facial features can be softened by the volume and splendor of the hairstyle;
  • wide cheekbones can be hidden with long strands near the face.

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To see the haircut in all its glory – here is a photo of the front and back views.

Stylish images with a classic bob

Although there are features of this haircut that it is advisable not to violate, there is no strictly approved length among them. Therefore, masters can vary the length of the strands depending on the type of face, the length of the client’s neck and other points:

  • a short bob can barely cover the ears. Behind opens the neck and part of the back of the head. Choose an experienced and good master, because the cut must be perfectly even;

  • a long square can even reach the shoulders and a little lower. It can be chosen by ladies with medium or long hair who are afraid of radical changes.

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[stextbox id=’info’]Advice. Fragile and slender girls can safely choose a short bob, but for large and lush ladies it is better to stop at an elongated haircut.[/stextbox]

Styling methods and images

Fashionistas choose:

  • even, straight, smooth hair with the same even bangs – a classic, the so-called “Cleopatra’s hairstyle” makes the image of a lady strict, elegant and inviting;

  • straight hair with oblique, asymmetrical, ragged bangs weaken the effect of severity, adding vitality and energy to a wonderful bow;

  • “Wavy” caret – it is quite possible to make it on the basis of the classic. The strands are laid in waves or playful curls, which noticeably transforms the girl. Often, women of fashion go with even straight strands to work or to business meetings, emphasizing their rigor and responsibility, and to meetings with friends or to a party they make an intriguing waviness;

  • “Creative chaos” is another styling option when, with the help of tools, the tips are made to stick out in different directions. With such a mischievous hairstyle, even friends may not immediately recognize.

Modern variants of the square still resemble the classic style, but a lot has been introduced new, stylish:

  • feature asymmetrical bob there is an unequal length of strands on different sides of the head. Fashionistas are happy to use this type of haircut to emphasize their originality;

  • with graduation the haircut has a cut at an angle – from a shorter nape to long strands near the face. So easily hide a narrow chin and wide cheekbones, but emphasize and lengthen a beautiful neck;

  • cascade – the strands are cut to different lengths, due to which the pomp and volume of the hairstyle is achieved;

  • “square on the leg” – a very short, even sometimes shaved nape is combined with long strands near the ears. Looks very impressive.

In addition to new haircut styling options, fashionistas are now actively using different dyeing and highlighting techniques. Of course, on an elongated square, it is much easier to reveal the depth of tones or make a gradient, but the short version can also be diversified: make individual colored strands, incredible coloring from several shades, or paint only the tips, bangs or upper strands.

Classic bob with and without bangs

In the photo of images with this haircut, you can see that different options for bangs or without it look great if you choose the right one for your face type:

  • without bangs a haircut is suitable for owners of an oval or rectangular face, with regular features and thick hair, with a low forehead;

  • short bangs to the middle of the forehead, also called “French”, focuses on the eyes and emphasizes the subtle features of the face. Ladies with large features are better off not choosing this option;

  • with long bangs before or even over the eyebrows – even or cut in a semicircle – this option is suitable for girls with a high forehead and for a triangular face shape;

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With highlights

  • oblique, cut at an angle, bangs not suitable for every girl, but it looks very interesting and contrasting against the background of even main strands. Especially recommended for chubby ladies;

  • elongated bangs below the eyebrows laid on its side or divided into two parts. It is easy to mask wide cheekbones or the angularity of the face with it. She will add romantic mystery even with the general severity of the hairstyle.

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A classic bob is a haircut with a geometrically regular shape of the main strands. And in order to slightly adjust the hairstyle to the type of face, you can safely dream up with bangs. Yes, and bangs grow quickly enough, so you can experiment with it all the time, looking for more and more new images.

The photos we selected showed the classic square in any color options. Without bangs or with bangs – each lady decides on her own or with the help of a stylist. The main thing is not to be afraid to change. And the classic elegant square is very suitable for this.

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