Classic clothing style 2020

Classic clothing style has undergone some changes in 2020 season. We will tell about them now!


Pencil skirt

An essential attribute of a woman’s wardrobe is a strict and at the same time seductive pencil skirt. This is a classic silhouette that willingly accepts various experiments with textures in the 2020 season. So, a pencil skirt will look stylish in denim, silk, tweed, leather, knitwear and knitting noodles. It is also allowed to have slits or a vertical row of buttons on a traditional cut.

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It is worth noting that a classic skirt can look good not only in a duet with strict shirts and blouses. If you like to experiment, you can try pairing it with a sweatshirt or sweater and sneakers. Stylish image in summer easy to create if you choose a T-shirt as a top and add trendy accessories – a bucket bag and sandals with a small square heel.


A classic of the genre for any occasion is a trouser suit. If you stay true to this piece of clothing, rely on current styles and models. Now at the peak of popularity, a loose elongated jacket with high-rise trousers. You can choose the style to your taste – it can be cropped pants, banana cut, palazzo or flared cut.

The palette of actual trouser suits has also changed dramatically. Conservative black and gray shades faded into the background, but the classic beige palette is only gaining momentum in popularity. Among the trends, pastel and bright cheerful range of shades is also kept. In a word, any girl will be able to choose a set to her taste.

Sheath dress

Among fashion classic style 2020 season, a special position is occupied by a sheath dress, which many women prefer to wear to the office. The traditional cut, fitting the figure, is always out of competition among fashion trends. In addition, under the condition of a dense texture, the sheath dress fits perfectly on any figure and presents it in a favorable light.

If you wear such a dress as part of the dress code, then you can choose classic pumps as shoes – they will never let you down. You can also try to prefer graceful sandals. A little secret – choosing light-colored shoes visually slims silhouette and makes the legs look longer. Moreover, you can bet not only on the flesh, but also on a light pink, blue, silver, gray or lilac pair.

In the 2020 season, you can also dare to pair a tight dress with sports shoes for a cool combination. This bow can be complemented with a stylish elongated jacket and a bag on a chain.

White shirt

Classic clothing style 2020 season, suitable and for women over 50, implies the almost mandatory presence of a white shirt in the wardrobe. Such a thing should not be tight and tight – now a looser and more comfortable cut in a masculine manner is in trend. Of course, you can traditionally combine a white shirt with black trousers or a pencil skirt. But you can go the other way and prefer more non-trivial combinations.

For example, you can tie the shirt in a knot at the waist or drop it over one shoulder. You can also experiment as much as you like on the selection of the bottom – try instead of trousers to choose jeans, any cut of a skirt or Bermuda shorts. Even combinations of classic pieces with an up-to-date presentation can cause a real sensation!

Trousers with arrows

An unshakable representative of the classic style are trousers with arrows. In the 2020 season, this cut is invariably held in high esteem by fashionistas, because it looks elegant and stylish, and also masterfully slims the silhouette. Only the cut of these trousers has changed – not only skinny, but also flared models with an oversized fit are in trend. The principles of combining such pants also succumbed to adjustments – now you can choose not only a strict thing as a top, but also elements of the opposite style. Current examples of combinations are shown in this photo.


In the classic capsule of the women’s wardrobe, now there can be not only the usual fitted or straight vest with a mid-thigh length. The tight-fitting model, who a few years ago was the representative of a three-piece suit, is also experiencing a triumphant comeback.

Another trendy version of the vest is a detachable sleeveless jacket. This is a universal thing for any season – in summer it can be combined with a shirt, and in winter with a turtleneck.


The current jacket in the 2020 season can be straight with a hint of oversize and emphasized shoulders. A fitted cut with a belt is also allowed. In both cases, the length of the fashionable jacket is strictly regulated by fashion trends – the minimum mark reaches the middle of the thigh.

Blouse with a bow

A worthy place in a classic wardrobe can belong to a romantic blouse made of a weightless texture with a bow around the neck. This model has already been adopted by many business ladies who strive to look sophisticated and romantic at work.

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You might want to include a loose V-neck cardigan in your business wardrobe. This is a versatile item that can be easily combined with trousers and skirts of various styles. It is important to fill the cardigan inward. The cardigan can also take an active part in creating stylish looks on everyday.

camel coat

The camel coat is a classic attribute of a woman’s wardrobe, and all stylists will agree with this constant. The universal choice of shade is the familiar camel palette, among which every girl can find her ideal tone.

The classic coat in 2020 has a fairly loose fit. However, this does not mean the absence of femininity. Now at the peak of popularity, a wrap cut with a belt that creates a beautiful silhouette of the figure and emphasizes the waist.

Current trends in 2020 suggest creating trendy bows based on a combination of different styles. Now the classics can be teamed with casual, sports or romantic items. For example, such a coat can be successfully made friends with a tracksuit and voluminous sneakers. If you want to create elegant and sophisticated imagerely on a monochrome palette, expensive fabrics and bags of a noble shade with a clear shape.

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White top black bottom?

This classic combination is still in demand among girls who love strict and restrained outfits. But when the season comes Spring-summer stylists advise to slightly transform the usual tandem and change the formula to “bright top, white bottom.” You can also give preference to light monochrome, because white is the most fashionable and comfortable choice for the warm season. By the way,…

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