Classic manicure 2020

Classic manicure in the 2020 season is taking on new forms and ideas. In this article, we will introduce you to them!


Color palette

The classic style of manicure makes high demands on its palette. The ideal shades of varnishes are nude, white and gray tones. Muted pastel colors also have a place to be in this style. Too bright colors run the risk of looking tasteless, but noble and rich varnishes may well act as stylish accents.

Red varnish, despite its sufficient brightness, is also a classic of the genre. It can manifest itself in any shade – from berry to marsala, depending on the season. If a girl wants to tone down the scarlet polish a bit, she can forego the gloss and opt for a matte top.


When it comes to classic manicure, most fashionistas immediately imagine a jacket. However, over the years of its popularity, French design has changed significantly, and it takes many modern trends into its company.

Many current changes have affected the design of a classic smile. Now it is not necessary to perform it in a white shade – any color solution is allowed. The top also has a double, beveled or shifted smile. French only benefits from a combination with laconic rhinestones, sophisticated monograms or fashionable abstract patterns.

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nude style

At first glance, the laconic and simple nude design best of all emphasizes the femininity and great taste of the owner. Here it is not necessary to be limited to a monochromatic coating. Fashion trends in 2020 only welcome laconic patterns and a dosed amount of sparkles. Especially elegant in a duet with a nude base looks decor in a shade of “pink gold”.

On the nude surface, you can also embody the current marble effect, which looks unobtrusive and at the same time stylish and noble. A similar manicure is also suitable for the office, as it fits perfectly even into a strict dress code.

Black and white gamma

According to the trends of the 2020 season, the black and white range of manicure is definitely a good idea for a concise classic manicure. Such a palette, even in traditional design options, does not look simple and monotonous due to its contrast and showiness. Black and white manicure can also be implemented on short nails, only in this case one should adhere to the vertical direction of laconic decorative elements.


The embodiment of femininity and tenderness in manicure are floral motifs. It is best to place such elements on just a few nails, but some fashionistas prefer to decorate the entire manicure with elegant flowers.

An interesting accent in the design will be voluminous plants created using the modeling technique. Such elements are in perfect harmony with miniature stones or rhinestones. An ideal basis for this nail art would be a discreet beige palette or a neat transparent base.


Lace elements and monograms will perfectly fit into a business manicure, if these elements are used in a dosed and tasteful manner. Masters recommend limiting yourself to just a few accents on a pair of marigolds. A win-win option is a light drawing on a gray, pastel or pink background.

If a fashionista wants to make such nail art more expressive, she can add a light shiny coating to the pattern. Classic manicure is absolutely not against such fashionable additions, especially in the spring-summer season.


Laconic rhinestones will take a worthy position in a business manicure if they have small parameters and are used with a sense of proportion. A win-win option is the laying out of unpretentious lines and laconic compositions of stones that gracefully and delicately decorate nail art with their radiance.

Branches and leaves

By decorating a manicure with delicate twigs or leaves, you will create a feminine and versatile design for every day. Having given preference to the classic palette of tones, you can be sure that this nail art will successfully fit into any image.

For several seasons, fashionistas have been popular with a design that involves drawing dark twigs on a nude basis. However, this style only welcomes color experiments.

A novelty in the classic manicure of the 2020 season is the marked outline of the leaves, which looks fresh and non-trivial.

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In the 2020 season, the classic design of manicure will noticeably change with the trendy “spider web” decor. This technique involves a drawing of thin dark lines with elegant shiny accents. This pattern looks most advantageous on a contrasting light coating.

Matte top

A matte finish can give the finished manicure a luxurious and noble look. It is noteworthy that such a base looks equally good on any length of nails. The classic design usually involves a solid color finish with a matte top, but recently many fashionistas have diluted this base with laconic sparkles, stones or patterns.

Among the successful decor on such a coating, geometric and floral motifs can also be noted. Such combinations are the choice of girls with a great sense of taste.

[stextbox id=’info’]A mesmerizing matte gradient is another trendy idea for the 2020 season. She has proven herself best on almond-shaped nails.[/stextbox]

In a matte finish, a French jacket is beautiful, which is framed by a thin glossy smile. You can abandon the usual beige palette to get an even more interesting design.


In the 2020 season, it is permissible to perform a classic manicure with geometric elements, which is suitable even for short nails. Neat and concise lines will fit into any look and make it more collected and stylish. The latest fashion trends include metallic stripes, negative space inserts and checkered geometric designs.

Your inner perfectionist may rejoice as modern geometric designs are crisp and perfect.


Classic design does not accept a riot of color and creativity. But it still has room for experimentation when it comes to the fashion trend for minimalism. The rigor and elegance of this trend is a great choice for girls who want to look serious and stylish.

In an up-to-date minimalist design, you can free up space for dots, simple geometric shapes, laconic abstractions or inscriptions. This manicure is equally gorgeous paired with a T-shirt and jeans, a trouser suit or an evening dress.

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negative space

Any kings of the classics – French, plain, geometric or minimalist design…

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