Cleopatra’s beauty secrets

For each generation, such a royal person of Egypt as Cleopatra is known. She is the epitome of beauty and nobility. This woman was unusually graceful and stately. Throughout the ages, they have tried to unravel the secrets of Cleopatra’s beauty, which gave her skin a velvet effect, shine to her hair, and a dizzying aroma to her body.

This person has driven many men crazy. Cleopatra, by her appearance, seemed to confirm that the beauty of a woman is in her own hands. One has only to have some secrets that help a woman shine with health and beauty.

The queen liked to take baths, the temperature of which was not higher than the temperature of the human body, the bath time lasted fifteen minutes. For the bath, fresh donkey milk, honey, almonds, and cinnamon were used. In the modern world, ready-made raw materials for taking such baths are on sale, you just need to pour it into the bath and draw water. However, you can make such a bath yourself, I will adapt it a little to our days. To do this, just pour one liter of cow’s milk, about two hundred grams of honey, a few drops of almond oil, a couple of pinches of cinnamon. The effect of such a bath is guaranteed, the skin is well moisturized, becomes velvety, and most importantly, the mood improves. Also, before taking such a bath, the queen was smeared with a scrub, which was made from sea salt and cream, by her subjects.

For hair, Cleopatra used ordinary chicken eggs, first the eggs were beaten, and then strongly rubbed into the scalp. The hair was then rinsed. The effect of such a mask is simply unique, no shampoos can replace it.

The queen paid much attention to her face. The mask was prepared from white clay, honey, lemon juice and sour cream were added to it. The duration of stay on the face is about twenty minutes. The success of such a mask was ensured by the fact that white clay contains lecithin. The skin becomes younger, more elastic.

Also, a mask of milk and honey was used for the face, which was applied for about thirty minutes. For the cream, the queen took aloe, rose water, pork fat and honey. It turned out to be a very nutritious mixture of natural and healthy products.

For her beauty, Cleopatra used cucumber masks and cucumber pickle, with which she maintained the water-salt balance.

The queen was also engaged in cleansing her body. This helped to keep the figure in proper shape. To do this, she mixed lemon juice with olive oil. Along with this, she did a massage of her body, paying special attention to her stomach. This helped the queen not only keep her body in shape, but she also cleansed her body of everything harmful. She gave her body lightness and grace.

In conclusion, it should be said that Cleopatra paid great attention to the aroma of her body. However, she chose the ingredients for giving the body aromas for a reason. The aroma of milk and honey personifies the smell of nature and youth. We can say that this is the smell of a young tasty woman. Thus, many famous generals could not resist such a subconscious aroma.

Also, in addition to milk and honey, the queen loved the aroma of incense and myrrh. These aromas had a more soothing effect on those around, most likely this was not enough for the men who surrounded the queen.

The secrets of Cleopatra’s beauty and attractiveness excite the brain, make you think about the unusual power of natural ingredients. What has already been forgotten in the modern world, using expensive masks and creams that are artificially prepared in the laboratory. But natural components have a positive effect not only on the appearance, but also have some charming effect!

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