Clothing color for women over 50 that looks younger

Stylists say that the color of clothing for women over 50 is the most effective tool that rejuvenates and refreshes the image. Surely, many of the fashionistas have noticed that in the same clothes their face looks more pale and painful, and wrinkles become clearer and more noticeable. But it is worth putting on things made in a rejuvenating palette, as the face is transformed, the skin glows with health and beauty.

The color of clothes that is young

With age, it is necessary to revise not only the style of clothing, the styles of things, but also the color palette. And not just by excluding some shades and adding others, but also by correctly arranging them when drawing up the image.

For example, dark tones and earthy tones are best placed as far away from the face as possible. They are suitable only for trousers, skirts, shoes. Some women should completely abandon such colors, excluding them from their wardrobe forever.

With age, you also need to clear the wardrobe of clothes of acid-bright colors. Indeed, at 50 it is quite difficult to compete with such bright shades, they will not only draw all the attention to themselves and make the appearance pale and inconspicuous, but also emphasize all age-related skin imperfections. If you want to add something bright to the image, let it be a stylish accessory, for example, a scarf or a handbag.

For ladies over 50, it is best to make images in a minimalist style, making bows discreet and elegant. Monochrome things in the right combinations look more advantageous than gaudy prints.

Mature fashionistas should not forget about classic shades and their combinations, seasoning them with relevant and trendy things.

Bright hues

Women over 50 should pay attention to light-colored clothes. Such things refresh, rejuvenate, make the image lighter and more attractive. Pistachio, peach, blue, soft pink, lavender shades look perfect on mature ladies. Do not give up beige and ivory. Pastel colors work great for onion rejuvenation. The combination of several similar tones within a single image looks ideal.

Despite the magical properties of a light palette to throw off for several years, it is better to refuse a boiled white shade. Such clothes only emphasize age-related skin changes, treacherously highlighting wrinkles, age spots and other imperfections.

dark palette

When choosing clothes for women over 50, which is young, you should avoid a large amount of black in the image. Otherwise, it gives the impression of a tired and suffering woman who is depressed.

Also, against the background of a rich black color, dark hair is greatly lost, gray hair treacherously shines, and the skin seems tired and gray.

Many ladies love black clothes and cannot imagine a wardrobe without things of this color. For such women, we suggest not giving up clothes in your favorite shade, but wearing it, observing a few simple rules:

  • the image should not contain only one thing in black;
  • it is better if the black is further from the face, give preference to black skirts, trousers, two-tone dresses.

As for the gray color, it is most often associated with everyday life and modesty. In adulthood, it is better to exclude it from the wardrobe altogether. Since the use of gray can emphasize the pallor of the skin and dark circles around the eyes. However, in this case, there are a number of exceptions that allow you to still use gray in the wardrobe of fashionistas over 50. This shade creates beautiful images in tandem with pale pink. And you can replace it with close tones – gray-blue, zinc and pearl gray.

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Bright colours

As noted above, clothes of bright colors in images for women over 50 do not rejuvenate, but, on the contrary, add extra years. Therefore, bright pink tones should be left for the younger generation. Whereas adult fashionistas who love a pink palette can look at the right muted shades, such as fuchsia, dusty pink, cyclamen. You can combine the above colors with delicate green, blue, beige. Such an image will turn out to be unpredictable and weightless, the woman will look noticeably younger than her years.

Dark purple is also not suitable for mature women, because it can aggravate age-related changes, focus on the mesh, highlight dark circles under the eyes. An excellent alternative to this shade will be a calmer violet and lavender. Such colors will refresh the image, add tenderness and elegance to it.

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We rejuvenate the image correctly

  • Stylists distinguish two shades that will decorate the image of any woman over 50 – light turquoise and sky blue.
  • Be sure to complement dark things with light accessories or massive beads.
  • Clothing in dark colors should be only a background for light colors.
  • A combination of contrasting shades should be avoided. A great option is an image of “tone on tone” things, but without the use of dark colors.

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We hope that now you know exactly how to choose clothes for women over 50 in the right color that will look younger.

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