Clothing color or style: what makes the figure fat

The color of the clothes or the style: what makes the figure fat – this topical issue never ceases to excite both slender fashionistas and the fair sex in plus size.

What things make even slim people fat

There is a category of things that even slender ladies need to wear with caution, since they can easily add a couple of extra pounds and emphasize the existing figure flaws. According to stylists, graceful fashionistas should abandon such outfits:

  • Shiny things. Clothing made from iridescent materials looks very impressive. However, at the same time, it makes the figure of fashionistas much wider and larger. This is due to the law of refraction of light.

  • Fluffy midi skirt. This model should not be worn by slender and petite girls. A puffy skirt of this length will not only add extra centimeters to the hips, but also visually reduce the growth of a fashionista even more.

  • Massive shoes. If you are going to show off in trendy boots or platform boots (thick heels), you should take into account that bulky shoes will easily add dimensions to a fashionable image.

  • Baggy jeans. Loose-fitting denim trousers with wide legs will make slim fashionistas look much bigger than they really are.

  • Trouser with geometric print. Despite the fact that such clothes have been in trend for the last few seasons, slender girls need to wear them with great care, because even a skinny girl will look fuller in plaid trousers.

  • Wide belt. Instead of successfully emphasizing a thin waist, a wide belt in a contrasting color will ugly “cut” the silhouette, making the figure shapeless.

  • Knitted clothes. Even for women of model parameters, it is better to refuse too tight knitwear dresses, since such clothes can ugly emphasize the stomach and sides.

The color of the clothes also plays a huge role. So white, beige, pink, orange and yellow shades significantly increase and expand the figure.

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What color of clothes slims the figure

There is a common misconception among fashionistas that only black things will help you look slimmer and sleeker. However, in order to look stylish and beautiful, women with curvaceous forms should not limit themselves to only one color. Outfits of other shades will also help to make the figure more expressive:

  • Khaki. Clothing in trendy gray-green colors will appeal to fashionistas who love casual, military and street style. Fashionable wrap dresses, A-line skirts, shirts and overalls in muted colors will help to successfully hide all figure flaws.

  • Navy blue. Deep and beautiful tone makes the silhouette visually thinner, effectively brightens the skin and emphasizes hair color. It goes well with contrasting cold colors, so you can create a lot of interesting bows.

  • Burgundy. Things of this shade will be an excellent alternative to red clothes. The muted burgundy color will add elegance and passion to the fashionable image, and will also help to correct the figure.

  • Nude. It is a mistake to believe that all light shades are full. Stylists advise fashionistas to give preference to a muted nude color. In contrast with other things and properly selected accessories, you can create a beautiful outfit with a slimming effect.

Plum, dark green, milky, coffee and lilac shades will also look good on a curvaceous figure.

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Successful styles for plus size women

Leading brands pay special attention to outfits designed for plus size ladies. When choosing clothes for puffy fashionistas, it is very important to choose the right style that will hide those with flaws. Here are some tips on how to do it:

  • The most successful skirt style for plus size women is wraparound models, A-line and asymmetric cut. Such clothes not only hide flaws, but also allow you to create a stylish and spectacular bow. A pencil skirt with a high waist will also sit beautifully on a magnificent figure.

  • Expressive forms are no reason to refuse feminine and elegant dresses. To hide a protruding belly, lush hips and extra centimeters at the waist, shirt cut or A-silhouette models will help. For special occasions, a sheath dress is perfect.

  • Fashionable jeans will truly decorate the wardrobe of any woman. When purchasing denim trousers, puffy beauties should opt for classic straight-cut models. There should not be any jeans with a low waist, unsuccessfully emphasizing the fat at the waist and sides. As for the choice of stylish trousers, the same rules apply here. A suitable option is shortened models with a high waist or flared.

  • In the cold season, women cannot do without a stylish coat. Classic models of medium length will look good on a plus size figure. An equally good choice is a coat with a cellular print.

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By following these tips, every fashionista will be able to easily correct the mistakes made earlier, and exclude from fashionable bows clothes that are full and pick up those that are slimming.

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