Co-washing – what is it

At first glance, the word is incomprehensible, but in fact it is a regular hair wash, but not with shampoo, but with conditioner. There was such an exclusive name from African Americans, who are the authors of this discovery, as they have naughty curly hair. The full name is Conditioner Only Washing. But over time it was reduced to Co-washing.

In most cases, this procedure is suitable for women who have dry and sensitive scalp, for weakened hair that lends itself to systematic dyeing, styling with hot air and other feminine features.

Application of co-washing

The co-washing technique is exactly the same as when washing your hair with shampoo. You just need to wet your hair, and instead of shampoo, gradually apply conditioner to the entire length of the hair. It is recommended to massage your head a little, then rinse everything thoroughly and wait until the hair dries itself.

But do not get too carried away with this procedure. You need to follow all the instructions step by step, then co-washing will bring significant benefits to your hair, otherwise your hair may simply deteriorate.

  1. First, brush your hair well. If this is not done before the procedure, then the effect of a “crow’s nest” is possible. After combing, rinse them with warm (never hot) water. Dry off with a towel.
  2. Apply your favorite conditioner throughout the hair, evenly distributing, not forgetting the scalp. Funds on the head should be enough. If it seems a little, feel free to add more. And remember – this is not a shampoo, so do not expect a foaming effect. You just need to rub the strands for five minutes, then slightly wet your hair, and continue to rub for another 5 minutes, no less, otherwise this whole procedure will be completely useless.
  3. Next, the product must be washed off very carefully, since there was a lot of it on the hair. If you do not wash it off completely, then it is possible that after drying the hair will become greasy. With proper observance of all stages, the hair will be much cleaner than after using shampoo.
  4. The final step is to dry your hair without a hair dryer. If you still cannot do without a hair dryer, then you need to use only cold air. As a result, the hair will become more manageable, and a beautiful shine will appear. A light volume may also appear. After this procedure, the hair looks much more spectacular. And if you do it regularly, then you will return to shampoo much less often. The result will be noticeable if you use co-washing once a week.

There are many different things to say about this method. For some it fits, for some it doesn’t. But many women are simply delighted with it, use it regularly and completely abandoned shampoos.

But, of course, like many other skin care products, there are advantages and disadvantages in addition. Below are the pros and cons of washing your hair with conditioners.

Advantages of co-washing

  1. Intensive moisturizing for dry and weakened hair.
  2. Reducing the harmful effects of shampoos on the hair, as they may contain ingredients that turn the hair into a hard tow. Even if you use expensive shampoos of well-known brands, all the same, the likelihood of improvement is very small. Many people wash their hair every day, as a result of which they destroy the structure of the hair. And co-washing is just perfect for them, as it allows you to better style your hair as it should.
  3. Saving money. By using co-washing, you save yourself from unnecessary expenses for shampoos and additional products for them. Any air conditioner already serves to moisturize.

Cons of co-washing

  1. For some people it may be perfect, for others not. It depends on the structure of the hair. You need to watch your hair before and after the procedure. If you don’t like it, then this option for washing your hair is not suitable.
  2. You do not need to resort to this tool too often, as you can overmoisten your hair. They will not become cleaner from this, but rather more greasy and sticky. So start using this method once a week.
  3. Since conditioners do not lather, washing your hair will take a little longer than with shampoo.
  4. Most conditioners contain proteins that, when used frequently, lead to brittleness and stiffness of the hair. Therefore, it would be better not to use the same air conditioner, but to alternate its other types with each other.
  5. The application of the method can be more expensive than with the usual washing of the head, since it needs to be applied to the hair a lot. And it tends to end quickly.

So, summing up, we can conclude. This method can be used by women with sensitive and dry scalp, as well as those who often use hair styling products – varnishes, foams, gels.

For owners of thin, weak, fluffy hair, co-washing will serve as an ambulance. Also, co-washing is suitable for women with oily hair. Hair often becomes oily due to the fact that the water-fat balance is disturbed. And to restore it just serves as an air conditioner.

Dry, damaged hair, hair that has been styled with hot methods, hair that has been exposed to hot air dryers, flat irons, flat irons, and hair that has been color-treated frequently, absolutely everyone needs a co-washing method.

But with normal, healthy hair, this method should not be used. By doing so, you simply disrupt the water-fat balance, and the process will go back, respectively, without bringing the desired effect.

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