Coats and jeans: fashionable looks for autumn 2020

A fashionable autumn coat in 2020 can be worn with various clothes, and even jeans, and we will tell you how to do it right in this article. Denim pants, just like coats, are the most popular and sought-after pieces of women’s wardrobe in the off-season, so it’s so important to know how to combine these elements of clothing and create a fashionable look while maintaining style and appeal.

Rules for combining a coat with jeans

Fashionistas should remember that almost any combination of jeans and a coat creates a stylish bow in a casual style. This trend should be taken into account when compiling a fashionable outfit, since it is unlikely that it will be possible to make a bow in a deliberately business style with the help of these wardrobe items. Here the problem lies in jeans, because it is almost impossible to enter them into the official dress code.

If, despite all the warnings of stylists, you still try to fit jeans in tandem with a coat into a business bow, try to do it with a touch of eclecticism. Add a classic-cut blouse, a small matching bag and stylish boots to the look with straight-leg jeans and a plain coat. In this case, you will get, although not a completely business look, but an attractive outfit in the style of a modern business woman.

We combine coats and jeans depending on the color

According to the fashion trends for autumn 2020, the most trendy coat shades are neutral. Among the favorites of the stylists are models of gray, brown, beige shades, as well as powdery pink and blue tones. These colors pair perfectly with classic light blue and blue denim, and also make a good top for black jeans. In addition to a stylish outfit, you can pick up accessories in brown and gold colors.

Black coat

The black coat is practical and versatile, it is an immortal classic that will never go out of style. Combining such a dark coat with jeans, you can get a great everyday outfit. Moreover, the color of jeans can be any. Accessories, for example, an interesting handbag, a headdress or a scarf, will help to add originality to the image.

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Light jeans

There is an opinion among fashionistas that light denim products are best suited for the warm season. However, as practice shows, these jeans fit perfectly into autumn sets with a coat. In this case, you should choose light-colored outerwear, since the combination of white, light blue or beige denim with a black coat looks ugly and strange.

Responsibly, you should approach the choice of shoes. Black heeled pumps look odd paired with light-colored jeans, while on-trend flat boots are the perfect ending to a stylish outfit.

Next, let’s take a closer look at how to properly combine jeans and coats, taking into account the style of each of them.

Wlight jeans

If you want to create an image of a Hollywood star, then feel free to combine a coat with an original cut and unusual finishes with trendy culotte jeans. In this case, do not skimp on accessories: fashionable glasses, a leather belt, a stylish handbag and shoes are what you need to complete a beautiful outfit.

Jeans with rips and holes

These jeans are still popular. This fall, they can and should be worn with plain coats in a classic cut or oversized models. A stylish sweatshirt and trendy sneakers are the perfect way to complete the look. Loafers and classic pumps with heels will also look great in combination with ripped jeans and a coat.

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By the way, note to fashionistas: if you wear high-waisted jeans, a crop top, a long coat and sneakers in one look, then your fashionable outfit for autumn 2020 will look very stylish and youthful.

Black jeans

These denim trousers are perfect companions for a white, beige or gray coat. If you decide to combine black jeans with a coat of the same color, then make sure that there is a contrasting element in the image, for example, a red sweatshirt or white sneakers.

Jeans bboyfriends

Fall is the time to wear your favorite boyfriend jeans. After all, they are perfectly combined with various autumn shoes: shoes, sneakers, ankle boots and loafers. Classic-cut coats or oversized coats are perfect for boyfriend outfits. A beanie hat and a trendy belt bag will complete the look in a stylish way.

classic coat

When choosing jeans for a classic coat, you should start from the event and the place you are going to.

  • When creating the most discreet office outfit, simple jeans are suitable, narrowed down without additional decorative elements. Preference should be given to a calm dark blue shade of denim. Shoes with stiletto heels, boots with stable heels, and ankle boots are ideal as shoes.
  • For daily walks around the city, it is best to choose a coat with a classic cut and combine it with voluminous boyfriends, skinny jeans or ripped models. Shoes are chosen depending on individual preferences and the chosen style of jeans. For example, high boots are suitable for tight pants, and practical sneakers for torn models.
  • For a classic coat with a flared hem, you can wear any style of jeans, except for flares. Since such a model will make the bottom too heavy, and the whole image disproportionate.

Cheburashka coat

Soft, warm and cozy coat is a real hit this fall. Therefore, fashionistas should pay special attention to such models. A cheburashka coat goes well with cropped jeans, and white sneakers or ankle boots will perfectly complement a fashionable look. Moreover, such sets not only look very attractive, but also perfectly protect against autumn bad weather.

short coat

This coat goes best with jeans. Wear short models with:

  • tight denim trousers;
  • trousers with scuffs and cuts on the knees;
  • flared jeans;
  • pants with cuffs.

When choosing flared jeans, it is best to wear flat shoes, such as boots with a massive sole or ankle boots with a stable heel. Whereas cuffed jeans can only be worn with high heels.

Rough-soled boots, sneakers and classic pumps with heels are worn as shoes to create a fashionable look with a short coat and jeans.

Coat below the hips

This style of coat is quite popular and widespread among fashionistas. Medium length coat is practical and comfortable, suitable for creating stylish everyday outfits. Best of all, such outerwear is combined with skinny jeans. But looser models of denim and flared trousers are best worn with other styles of coats, since in this case it is unlikely that you will be able to create a harmonious look.

As for shoes…

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