Cocktail dresses for the new year 2022

If you are already busy looking for a dress for the New Year 2022, then we recommend that you pay attention to the wonderful cocktail dresses that are perfect for such a holiday. 2022 is the year of the Blue Water Tiger, so please please this animal first. We will tell you which cocktail dresses are best suited for this purpose.

Cocktail dresses for the New Year 2022: fashion styles

Cocktail dresses can surprise every girl with their variety. When choosing a fashionable dress for the New Year, pay special attention to the following models:

  • Asymmetrical. Dresses with asymmetry look very original and stylish. There are many options here – one shoulder can simply be exposed, there can be a sleeve on only one side, and the hem can also be different.

  • Pleated. Dresses with a pleated skirt look very cute and romantic. Look for some original model of such a dress. The length can be different – up to the knee or below the knee – as you like.

  • With bare shoulders. If you celebrate the New Year 2022 in a warm room, then you can safely buy a dress with bare shoulders. It looks very feminine, because it exposes a very beautiful part of the female body – the neck and collarbone area.

  • Lacy. Dresses that contain lace or are made entirely of lace cannot go unnoticed. They look very feminine and cute, and are also suitable for New Year’s Eve.

  • Satin. Models sewn from such a pleasant fabric as satin will allow you to feel comfortable all evening. Take a look at the presented photo – in such a luxurious white dress you will definitely be the queen of the evening.

  • shiny. The sparkly dress looks like it was made for the New Year of the Tiger 2022. It will grab the attention of all guests. You can choose a dress with a straight cut, as in the photo, or choose a looser model.

  • Ultrashort. Owners of beautiful, long legs can boast of them by wearing the shortest possible dress. In order not to oversaturate the image with excessive frankness, their top is usually more restrained.

  • With embroidery. A dress with embroidery looks very elegant – for an example, we present a photo. The big plus of this dress is that it looks unique – hardly anyone will wear exactly the same outfit.

  • With train. If you want everyone to look only at you on New Year’s Eve, then this chic pink dress is what you need. In addition to the fact that it has a luxurious long train, which also emphasizes all the advantages of the figure.

  • Velor. Velor cocktail dresses are also great for celebrating the new year. Firstly, they are not inferior to other models in terms of beauty. Secondly, the fabric from which they are sewn is very delicate and soft. In such an outfit, it will be warm and comfortable for both a girl at the age of 20 and a woman at the age of 40.

Among all these models, there is definitely one that hooked you the most. Rely on your taste and fashion trends when you go looking for a New Year’s outfit.

Stylish cocktail dresses for obese women and for women over 50

What cocktail dress should a full woman choose to celebrate the New Year? The trends regarding dresses for the holiday are no different from those that we described above. Therefore, we offer several ideas for images for obese women:

  • A dress with sequins will hide the stomach and other problem areas. But at the same time, you will be a real star in it.
  • The asymmetrical dress with puffy sleeves, which you see in the photo, also has a deep neckline. This will allow you to show all your strengths and hide your flaws.
  • A green satin dress with drapery will also look perfect on a curvy lady. In this case, it also has a comfortable length and slims its owner.

A woman over 50 can also wear a cocktail dress for the New Year 2022. The main thing is that it be made of dense, high-quality fabric that will hide flaws. You also need to choose a good length – up to the knee or below the knee. The color of the dress may be different – we will talk about the most suitable colors below.

When choosing a style, stop at straight cut or A-line models. Consider the features of your figure and build on them. Age is not a reason for clothing restrictions if you have good taste.

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What colors to prefer

Not only the style of the dress is important, but also its color. The tiger has its preferences. To please this strong and courageous beast, you need to take them into account. You can appease the Tiger with these trendy colors:

  • white;
  • blue;
  • blue;
  • beige;
  • black;
  • brown;
  • gold and silver metallic.

In addition to such discreet colors, brighter shades can be included in the palette – green, purple, pink and yellow. The color that is categorically not suitable for celebrating the New Year is red. The tiger does not like this bright and rich shade, because it looks like the color of fire.

Cocktail dresses that are suitable for the New Year 2022 holiday, you can see in the photo. Take a closer look at the styles and colors so as not to get confused in the store. And may the coming year bring you only good luck!

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