Collagen face masks at home

Any woman without any doctors knows that over time, the first signs of aging appear. It is on the skin, the largest organ of our body, that they become noticeable in the first place. It is likely that standing in front of a mirror sad moments come when the first wrinkles, dry skin and loss of its elasticity become noticeable. Aging begins at the age of 25, the process of cell division slows down.

Sometimes it may seem that all the changes happened unexpectedly, in fact, the skin on the face changes very slowly, day after day, year after year. Don’t blame the environment, kids, husband, job, financial hardship, or weight problems. And most importantly, don’t blame yourself. Difficulties happen to everyone. Fortunately, it is not necessary to resign yourself to the idea that nothing can be changed.

Types and properties of collagen

The cyclic process of skin renewal involves the growth, development and death of tissues. It has a lot to say about skin aging. Speaking of external signs of aging, damage to collagen fibers is implied. These are protein fibers, thanks to which the skin looks radiant, supple and youthful. If they are damaged, they become dry and brittle. And as a result – wrinkles and sagging skin.

Collagen helps create the illusion of smooth skin. However, there is no need to succumb to self-deception: when cosmetics containing collagen are applied to the skin, its level in the skin will not increase. Only in combination with moisturizers will it create a barrier on the surface of the skin, thereby improving its external condition. Collagen itself is a sticky substance. Thanks to these properties, the skin cells take on their original shape after a slight stretch, and thus have elasticity. In modern cosmetics, there are three types of collagen: marine, animal and vegetable.

  • Marine collagen is the most acceptable, since it is in contact with human skin better than others, it is extracted from the skin of marine fish. However, it can cause allergic reactions and is relatively expensive.
  • Collagen of animal origin is practically incompatible with human skin, is poorly absorbed by it and can also cause allergies. It is made from cartilage and animal skin. This low-quality type of collagen is considered the cheapest.
  • Vegetable collagen is perfectly absorbed into the skin and removes superficial signs of aging. It is produced from wheat proteins and its price is also relatively high.

Pharmacies and cosmetic stores have a wide range of products with all types of collagen. Facial masks are the most widely used, due to the convenience of their use at home. They are presented in the form of powders that are easy to prepare or tissue-based masks. There are also simple and effective recipes for homemade masks that are made from collagen powder or edible gelatin.

The main charm of homemade masks is that the composition and various additives can be varied and those auxiliary components that the skin needs most at the present time can be added.


When carrying out cosmetic procedures at home, it is important to follow some rules:

  1. Before applying the mask, the skin must be thoroughly cleansed.
  2. The procedure should not be carried out for more than 30 minutes.
  3. When using a purchased mask, it is important to follow the instructions exactly.
  4. It is not recommended to make masks more than 2 times a week.
  5. The first time you should apply part of the product to the back of the wrist to identify possible allergic reactions.
  6. Prepare the mask before applying.
  7. All masks are applied to the face from the bottom up.
  8. After applying the mask, it is important to remain calm and not allow movements of the facial muscles.
  9. The remains of the mask are removed with plain water.
  10. After its application, a nourishing or moisturizing cream is applied.

Composition and preparation of collagen masks

The basic component of self-made masks is edible gelatin, seaweed or collagen powder. Additional components are selected in accordance with the type and requirements of the skin. As a rule, essential oils, pulp of fruits and vegetables, dairy products are added: cream, kefir, sour cream. You can also add components that are easy to purchase at any pharmacy, these are vitamins in ampoules or gelatin capsules, glycerin, hyaluronic acid and plant extracts.

With the skillful combination of the right ingredients, you can get an excellent cosmetic product that will not only give the desired anti-aging result, but also solve other skin problems in parallel, such as moisturizing, nourishing or whitening.

Mask for skin elasticity.

  • food gelatin.
  • Kefir or ryazhenka.
  • Wheat flour.

Gelatin should be prepared according to the instructions. First, it dissolves in warm water. After swelling, the resulting mass is melted in a water bath. Next, add 1 tablespoon of kefir or fermented baked milk and 1 teaspoon of flour. The whole mixture is thoroughly mixed until a homogeneous consistency. The mass must cool down. For additional moisturizing of too dry skin, kefir or fermented baked milk is replaced with cream, and flour is replaced with crushed oatmeal flakes.

Before applying the mask, the skin of the face must be cleansed and a moisturizer applied. You can wash it off with water or milk.

Nourishing mask with rejuvenation effect.

  • food gelatin.
  • Banana.

The preparation of gelatin is the same as in the previous recipe. Banana needs to be ground into pulp. The mass must also cool down. Everything is thoroughly mixed. For the best effect, you can exfoliate your face before applying the mask. After 20 minutes after application, it must be removed with a damp cloth and washed with warm water.

Banana can be replaced with other fruits or berries. Melon, persimmon, peach have excellent properties of saturating the skin with moisture. For those who have oily skin and enlarged pores, cherries, currants, strawberries, grapefruit and pears are more suitable.

Combinations with several components are possible. To enhance the effect of rejuvenation and nutrition, you can add kiwi, grape pulp or orange juice. They will give the skin a powerful boost with their vitamins and fruit acids.

Mask with whitening effect.

  • food gelatin.
  • Fresh cucumber.

Gelatin is prepared as usual, according to the instructions. Cucumber is crushed into gruel. Gelatin is mixed with cucumber in equal proportions. The resulting mass is applied to the face. After 20-25 minutes, the mask is removed with warm water.

The effect of this mask will be appreciated by those who have age spots or redness. The skin becomes fresh and radiant.

Moisturizing mask.

  • food gelatin.
  • Glycerol.
  • Honey.

Glycerin is diluted with water in a ratio of 1:1. Getting ready…

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