Color combinations that look expensive

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on clothes to create a luxurious look, it is enough to know the basics. color combinations that allow look expensive. From the article, you will learn how to choose and combine colors correctly to achieve the desired result. Get advice from stylists, see photos of the most successful images.

Basic rules for choosing colors for those who want to look expensive

Fashion experts are sure that the choice of shades of which it consists of plays a fundamental role in how an outfit will look. So, some color combinations make the image more expensive, while others, on the contrary, make it cheaper.

However, it is not enough to know which colors work best with each other, it is important that they suit your skin type. After all, if your skin will seem pale against the background of the outfit, then the shades are clearly chosen incorrectly.

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Also, fashionistas should be aware of a win-win and universal option – using a single color palette. Images created with this rule in mind look quite expensive and luxurious. The most win-win options for monochromatic total bows are a combination of shades of white or black in a single image.

Next, we will tell you in more detail about what colors can be combined with each other so that any, even the simplest image, looks expensive, and the woman who wears it looks luxurious.

Beige and white

The combination of colors in a light palette will be an excellent solution not only for the warm season, but also for any other season. An outfit created using nude and snow-white shades will immediately turn you into a representative of an elite society. In order not to reduce the cost of the image, accessories should also be selected in a beige palette.

Beige and brown

Shades of beige are rightfully included in the fashion palette of rich people. Therefore, modern women of fashion who want to look luxurious should certainly pay attention to clothes of similar colors and complement their wardrobe with it.

Saturated brown also belongs to the noble colors, so its presence in the image can make the bow more expensive and stylish. And in combination with shades of beige, you get an extremely luxurious and elegant outfit.

Pink and burgundy

Today, fashionistas are increasingly replenishing their wardrobe with pink-colored things. Moreover, both delicate nude and more saturated tones are in trend. And to make the image not only fashionable, but also looked expensivestylists recommend prioritize color combinations pink with burgundy. Such a tandem looks advantageous at any time of the year, allowing you to create a variety of outfits for all occasions.

Gray and burgundy

Many girls like to use shades of gray when composing various images. However, the abundance of this color can make the bow boring and inconspicuous. To prevent this from happening, stylists recommend supplementing the outfit with one of the expensive shades – burgundy. The combination of gray and burgundy will help create a unique image in the style of the British aristocracy.

orange and white

This is another win-win color combination that allows you to make the look more luxurious. The symbiosis of trendy brick and pure white allows you to create an interesting and catchy outfit that will certainly attract the attention of others. And in order not to overload an already stylish bow, stylists recommend choosing accessories in soothing shades, avoiding too bright and colorful palette. A combination of a bright orange suit and a white top will be an excellent solution for the warm season.

Orange and gray

This is another luxury combination basic and bright colorswhich looks expensive and stylish. However, in order for the bow to look really beautiful, you should carefully and dosedly add orange to gray.

Khaki and dark brown

The noble cognac shade is increasingly appearing at fashion shows, and khaki has long been loved by fashionistas for its versatility and stylish appearance. If you’ve never tried wearing these colors in one look, now is the time to try. After all, khaki in combination with brown looks very stylish, beautiful and expensive. Try wearing a khaki suit and complement it with a cognac purse or shoes.

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Emerald and beige

Along with beige and burgundy, emerald is considered one of the richest and most sophisticated colors. And all thanks to the fact that such a shade is involuntarily associated with the noble stone of the same name. Stylists believe that the most successful pair for the emerald color is the shades of the beige palette.

pink and red

Despite the fact that the tandem of these shades has been banned by fashion specialists for a long time, today the color combination of pink and red looks stylish and expensive.

Camel, beige and khaki

This is one of the most faithful and win-win combinations that is suitable for any occasion. It should be noted that the tandem of basic neutral shades always looks stylish and noble.

Another advantage of these colors is the ease of combination. Fashionistas do not have to think about the proportions in which to combine camel, beige and khaki in an image. For example, a suit in both camel and khaki colors will look equally good, in combination with a beige top, shoes and accessories.

Pink and green

Such an unusual combination seems impossible at first glance, because rich pink and bright emerald green can mutually exclude each other. But this is absolutely not true. To get a beautiful and luxurious combination, you need to select clean and rich shades of green and pink, avoiding a “dirty” undertone.

To calm down a rich outfit a little, you can complement it with white shoes and accessories.

Blue and white

Deep and rich blue color in itself looks expensive and luxurious. And in combination with white, it is possible to create a chic outfit that is appropriate both in the office and at a gala event.

To blue and white, you can pick up clothes in black. For example, a combination of a black top, white loose trousers and a blue jacket will be successful. Shoes and accessories are better to choose one of the shades present in the image.

In pastel colors

Pastel palette is another successful color combination that always looks appropriate and luxurious. Fashionistas can try to combine several delicate shades in one image at once, for example, pink, blue, green and yellow. They will be perfectly combined with each other and will certainly create an expensive and chic outfit.

For example, a combination of a powder-colored dress and blue sandals will look elegant; you can choose a handbag in a brighter color as an accent detail. A pastel-colored suit in combination with a bright blouse and shoes will also look stylish. Complement the outfit in a pastel palette with gold jewelry, they will make the image even more expensive and luxurious.


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