Color jacket: design ideas

The color jacket this season has become one of the most popular nail art techniques, which was able to displace even the classic design on the nails of this design and gained considerable popularity among modern girls. Indeed, thanks to the combination of different palettes and decor in one manicure, the result is a very spectacular and colorful design, which we will discuss in more detail later in our article.


Features of colored French manicure

The color jacket is a modified classic version that combines the basic technique in combination with bright colors at the same time. The main advantage of such a manicure is its versatility, since it looks equally good on nails of any length and fits into absolutely any style of clothing.

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As for the design itself, today there are several directions in the design of colored French manicure, which include the following variations:

  • applying a colored smile over a classic transparent backing;
  • the smile is made white, while the base is covered with colored varnish;
  • the smile line and the backing area are covered with two absolutely contrasting colors.

New & Trends

Fashion trends in the nail art segment have also affected French manicure, including its multi-colored design. We have listed the most relevant ones below.


  • Colors. Since absolute naturalness is in trend today, stylists recommend giving their preference to more natural palettes. However, this does not mean at all that the design of the manicure should be done exclusively in nude colors. Saturated shades of burgundy, green, blue, yellow and red are also relevant.

Delicate jacket

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Important! A novelty of this season is a gold metallic coating, which is used both for decorating a French smile and as a decorative substrate.


  • Shape and length. Colored French manicure is simply created for long nails, but it looks no less impressive on short nail plates. As for the shape, these are also predominantly natural options in the form of oval, almond-shaped and “soft” square.

  • Decor. And here there are absolutely no restrictions. It can be either a design with a small number of accessories, or a rather rich design in the form of colored rhinestones, foil, glitter, etc. They can be located, both at the base of the nail, and fully fill the entire line of the French smile.

Stylish decor

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  • Drawings. You can’t do without them in creating a colored jacket. In this case, stylists recommend not to overload the French design and opt for simple art in the form of stripes, dots, streaks and monograms.

Color jacket with a pattern

Fashionable ideas in the design of a colored jacket

Today, on the Internet, you can find many original design ideas for colored French manicure, among which we have chosen the most interesting ones.

  • Rainbow. A very unusual design, the essence of which is that vertical colored stripes are drawn along the smile line. At the same time, the transitions between colors should be as smooth as possible.

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Important! It is better to do a rainbow manicure on long square-shaped nails, since they can completely recreate the whole idea than on oval or round ones.


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  • Striped. This is a kind of interpretation of the rainbow manicure, however, in this case, the stripes should have clear boundaries. In addition, they can be located both vertically and horizontally along the smile line. As for colors, it can be a simultaneous combination of two or more colors in one design.

  • Gradient. After reviewing various photos with examples of work, we can make an unambiguous conclusion that a colored jacket on nails looks beautiful not only in the form of clear lines, but also in a gradient stretch. Transitions can be contrasting, and sustained in one palette by combining shades from the darkest to the lightest. A colored ombre can be located not only on the line of the smile itself, but also further beyond its borders, thereby giving it a completely new shape.

  • with sculpting. Beautiful manicure, which is based on the selection of the ring finger with modeling. This decor is created using acrylic powder. The theme can be completely different, ranging from floral motifs to imitation of all kinds of bugs and fruits. At the same time, the jacket should be as simple as possible, so the smile line is made one-color without any additional decor.

  • Mosaic. The original version of the color jacket, which will look most harmonious on long almond-shaped nails. It is based on the creation along the smile line of small “cells” of various shapes and sizes with black or white borders, which are then filled with colored gel polish or small sparkles. In this case, you can combine both shades that are similar to each other, as well as absolutely contrasting and incompatible colors.

  • Tape. Making a manicure with the help of multi-colored adhesive tapes did not bypass the jacket. In the autumn-winter season 2018-2019, in addition to the standard palette in the form of mint, blue, green and blue, the use of gold and silver ribbons is also in fashion. You can lay them out, both along the smile line itself, and far beyond it.

  • With stickers. Bright stickers are a kind of alternative to drawings, with which today they also decorate a color jacket. On the nails, they can be laid out, both as a small decoration, and fully occupy the entire plate. As for the subject, these are mainly various inscriptions in the form of slogans, as well as complex drawings that are rarely realized using standard nail art painting.

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  • Aquarium. Spectacular and bewitching design, which is based on laying out various decorations along the smile line on a colored substrate and subsequently covering it with a thick layer of transparent gel. In the summer, these can be various cutouts in the form of fruits and flowers, but in the autumn-winter period, imitation of pumpkins, yellowed foliage, as well as a New Year theme.

  • With rhinestones. Without these pebbles today, the design of a single manicure, including a colored jacket, is not complete. They can be laid out both along the border of the smile and fill it completely. As for the layout itself, it can be either a simple chaotic scattering, or in the form of small ornaments. The main thing is that the rhinestones are small and the design does not…

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