Color wheel and color combination rules

The original combination of colors in clothes is a trend in creating a stylish look. By nature, a sense of style is not given to everyone, but it can be developed, and the color wheel will help you with this.


The color wheel is the colors of the rainbow or the scientific spectrum, represented as a circle. From red to purple. It was invented by scientists studying the theory of light, such as Newton and Goethe in the distant 17th century. And Johannes Itten, an artist and innovator in the study of color theory in the 20th century, created his own model of such a circle to train future painters.

And eureka! This, as it is now called, Itten’s color wheel has found practical application not only among artists, but also among stylists, interior designers, and architects. It helps to understand which color combinations are harmonious. You, too, can use it to create a spectacular modern bow.

What is a color wheel

Once you understand the structure of the color wheel, you will see winning color combinations and use them to create capsules for your wardrobe. It is not difficult and very useful for beauties who want to look stylish.

The color wheel is made up of 12 sectors, which include 3 pure colors and their combinations.

  • pure colors – yellow, red, blue.
  • additional colors – obtained by mixing pure: green, orange, purple.
  • Third-order colors are formed by mixing pure and complementary colors.

Each of the 12 colors of the spectrum can still change in intensity, from dark shades to pale powdery tones. This is reflected in the model of the circle, which is light in the center and darker on the outer edge, where the intensity of the hue is achieved by adding white to lighten the color and black to darken it. Here, a pure bright tone is located on a circle passing in the middle between the center and the edge of the circle.

If you divide the circle in half between the red and purple sectors on one side, yellow and green on the other, one half of the circle will include cold tones, and the other warm.

Warm and cold colors

Patterns of color combinations in clothes

Consider the patterns of the color wheel, which indicate spectacular combinations, let’s look at the photo, how it might look. Color compatibility can be built on a monochrome image or on a combination of opposing colors.

Monochrome combinations

A variant of a monochrome look is when you take tones from one ray of the spectrum for the color scheme of an outfit. For example, moving along the red beam, you can combine a brown-red hue with coral. Brown bottom, skirt or trousers, with a coral blouse or jumper. In the blue beam, it can be blue trousers and a dark blue top. It turns out a calm elegant bow.

Very beautiful image

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Tones must be taken standing from each other through two positions so that the colors do not merge. It is better to build a combination of dark and light shades.


Close to a monochrome image, looks like a combination of related colors from neighboring spectra of the circle. For example, purple, blue and blue-violet. This combination will look strictly in dark shades, for a formal bow, and gently in light ones, for a romantic or urban style. This combination of colors can be in a print of an outfit or a combination of plain things.

This includes the combination of colors through a ray of the spectrum. For example, purple with red or blue-green with yellow-green.

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Important: For a more harmonious and stylish bow, it is better to combine rich tones with powdery ones. This combination looks softer and more effective.


The scarf plays the role of a bright accent

Etcopposite colors

Colors that are in a circle opposite each other create images built on contrast. These are such pairs as red – green, orange – blue, purple – yellow. Agree that these are quite provocative combinations. But with the right combination, you can create a bright and memorable outfit.

The main principle here is that one color dominates the outfit, and the second is used as an additional one in shoes, bag or jewelry. It can be an orange dress, complemented by a blue belt or bag. Or a green outfit with red shoes. Bright and elegant.

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To soften the intensity of the contrast, use one of the less saturated shades. With a blue outfit, a bag or shoes in a washed out orange color will make a softer visual composition.


An interesting color scheme is obtained by using two colors on one side of the circle and one opposite. For yellow it will be blue-violet and red-violet. Such combinations look unexpected and harmonious.

Note: Use one color as dominant and the other two in decoration or accessories. Using a combination of light and dark shades, you can create a harmonious bow.

The circle makes it possible to see that a purple suit will go well with a light green blouse and an orange belt. It is simply unrealistic to create such a combination without a color wheel.

Triangular color combinations

Next, consider drawing up a combination of colors in clothes based on a triangle. And we get unexpected combinations, and they will allow you to creatively approach the color scheme of the bow. Green, orange, and purple, or yellow, blue, and red seem to be a little incompatible. But moving along the beam of the spectrum of each color, we connect the dark shades of one color and the light ones of another.

If all colors are taken intense and in equal amounts, you can become like a clown. Therefore, remember – one dominates, two complement. For example, an orange-red bag and a neckerchief in blue-violet tones will suit a yellow-green safari dress.

An elegant purple suit can be matched with a powdery orange top or blouse. And also complement the bow with light or dark green accessories. It can be a bag, belt, jewelry. The image will be complex, but harmonious. A fashionable wardrobe is now being built on such color combinations. Take on board the color wheel and the wisdom of drawing up a palette of color combinations in clothes will submit to you.

Quadrilateral color combination

There is also a combination of four colors according to the rule of a square and a rectangle, and even a hexagon. But these are quite complex combinations that stylists and interior designers use in their work. For yourself, you can take advantage of such combinations of combinations through two to the third color. That is, from the combination of the square, apply only three or two colors. Same with the hexagon.

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Idea: In general, it is difficult to elegantly combine four or more colors from the circle in a suit. In case you have an outfit with a color print, take one or two shades from the fabric pattern for the color of shoes or accessories. It’s hard to go wrong with this color choice.


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And we must remember that any combination of tones …

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