Colored skin in spring 2021: what and how to wear to look stylish

Spring is a time of renewal and flourishing not only of nature, but also of the wardrobe. Dull grays and blacks have no place this season. Leather clothes in bright colors are all the rage in spring 2021.

At the same time, items made of colored leather appeared in the collections of many world designers. Chloe, Bottega Veneta, Alexander McQueen, Alexander Wang and others insist on the presence of bright leather products in the wardrobe of every fashionista. At the same time, you should not dwell on leather jackets or trench coats, stylists offer different variations.


Leather jackets and raincoats will sparkle with new colors this season, as the black “leather jacket” from the 90s is kitsch, but the colored jacket is a trend. These jackets are worn under jeans, joggers, leggings, leggings and even under a tracksuit.

A leather jacket has long been a basic item in a standard wardrobe. But in order to stand out from the crowd in the spring of 2021, they choose a bright and original jacket.

A separate trend this spring is reptile skin, especially in shades of brown, green and beige. In such a jacket you can go on a date, and to a party, and to work.

Leather coats and trench coats are also back in fashion this season. A variety of colors and styles allow you to create a stylish outfit with just one piece of clothing. The raincoat can be combined with trousers and skirts, dresses and jeans, such outerwear is combined even with sneakers and sneakers.

The most daring women of fashion can afford to put on a raincoat directly on the linen.


Leather dresses at past shows were demonstrated in their lines by such fashion houses as Dior, Altuzarra, Sportmax.

A sheath dress, in the form of a sundress without sleeves or in combination with knitted inserts – the style of the dress can be any. The main thing is the skin and bright color.

Shoes for such dresses can be varied, but not defiant: shoes or boots with heels, sandals, ballet flats or sneakers.

It is not worth wearing massive boots or berets under such a dress, as the image will begin to give off hard rock or a company of bikers. On the contrary, it is better to add delicate accessories: a scarf around the neck, gloves or jewelry.


Many fashionistas love leather pants, but they still don’t dare to wear them. Spring 2021 is the time for looks with colored leather trousers.

But it should be understood that such a bright accent in the image must be balanced with a plain golf, sweatshirt or blouse. At the same time, in no case should you wear a leather jacket with trousers. One leather element per outfit is enough.

High-waisted leather trousers are becoming a special trend; it is good to emphasize them with an original belt.


Leather skirts have been in fashion for a long time and do not lose their positions, only styles and colors change. As already noted, today the brighter and more unusual the color, the more fashionable the thing.

Flared, pencil, sun-flared, year – everything is relevant this spring. Such a skirt can become a component of both a romantic look and everyday attire, it all depends on the configuration. Which shoes to choose also depends on the circumstances, there are no categorical prohibitions, well, except that flip flops should be excluded.

The brighter and more expressive the skirt, the more restrained the jacket should be, otherwise the image will become “slick”.

Being “in style” this season is easier than ever. A variety of shapes and colors of leather clothing allows every fashionista to choose something of her own, regardless of age, shape or income.

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