Coloring for blond hair

If you look at the photos of show business stars, film actresses, successful business women, then coloring for light brown hair is very common. Let’s figure it out together how to choose the right shades, what types of coloring are and what is better to choose for different hair lengths.


Why color blonde hair?

Fair-haired girls have a beautiful, light color from nature. True, many of them do not mind changing themselves a little:

  • a new image with coloring will be much richer, more interesting and unique;
  • multi-colored on the head visually increases the volume, so it is suitable for thin and sparse hair;
  • choosing shades close to natural – a sharp change in hair color will not occur, but at the same time, the update will be luxurious and fresh;
  • strands dyed in different colors can be styled in different ways – and the hairstyle will be like new every time.

This can be easily seen in the photo of the best examples of coloring on light brown hair. Particularly interesting are the visual demonstrations “before and after”.

[stextbox id=info]Important. The best part is that when coloring a fair-haired hair, lightening is not required, so the whole procedure will not be very long and gentle.[/stextbox]

Depending on what exactly is being painted, coloring happens:

  • zonal – only part of the head is painted – bangs, back of the head, side strands;
  • tape – only the upper strands;
  • longitudinal – the selected strands are stained along the entire length;
  • transverse – contrasting shades are applied without transition of shades;
  • three-dimensional, three-dimensional – a special type of staining that only professionals can offer. Hair looks voluminous and radiant.

If a girl does not want to greatly change her image and hair color, it is enough just to add a twist in the form of adding several strands of similar shades.

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Types of coloring

You can partially paint over the hair, that is, add other shades to the natural one, or repaint the entire hair in the selected colors. Of course, in the first version, the procedure will be more gentle for the hair.

  • Colored ends. In 2019, young girls and teenagers are very fond of dyeing the ends of long or medium hair in bright, unnatural colors: purple, green, blue, bright red.

Now red hair ends are in fashion.

  • neon. Only young and daring girls, or those whose image is associated with publicity and need to be on top, outrageous and unique, are painted in acid colors.

  • Colored bangs. Enrich your haircut, do something new and get admiring glances. With bangs, you can dream up with flowers – with a general natural hair color, any, even the most unexpected shade, will do. The best bangs for bright coloring are torn, asymmetrical, oblique and elongated.

  • Individual strands painted in bright colors by girls who want to declare their uniqueness, but, at the same time, who want to remain “within the limits”.

  • ombre – a luxurious gradient of shades from dark to light. It is best done on long or medium hair, because then you can show a smooth transition of color.

Ombre can be colored.

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  • Pearl coloring – a special paint that allows you to add an unusual glow to the strands in different lighting conditions.

  • Stencil or patterned – Creation of complex patterns. This is possible only in the salon. As a rule, in everyday life you rarely see examples of such coloring, but on stage, on the catwalks – it’s easy.

Making patterned coloring is quite difficult.

  • Burnt hair effect – Now one of the most popular and simple techniques. The girl wants to give the impression that she spent more than one day somewhere on a luxurious beach. Best of all, this coloring looks on medium blond hair.

[stextbox id=info]Clue. When choosing coloring, shades and techniques, consult a good master, to whom you are ready to entrust your hair. At home, you can perform this procedure only with the help of a professional. Otherwise, the result can be very unexpected.[/stextbox]

Coloring for light brown hair: suitable colors

Coloring light brown strands can be done in different shades:

  • bright unnatural or other colors that make up a noticeable contrast with the natural hair color – for daring personalities who require attention;

Purple color is very adored by young girls.

  • shades close to the “native” color – light or dark, depending on the desire of the fashionista.

Now it is natural coloring that is in fashion – the most beautiful and gentle. No one will even say that the hair is dyed if the procedure is done professionally and with careful selection of shades. Any hairstyle will be fresh, radiant and attract attention.

How to choose the right shade

The light brown color itself is a cold shade. As a rule, it is typical for girls with fair skin. Though there are exceptions.

[stextbox id=info]Clue. Fair-skinned ladies with light blond curls and light eyes should be careful with the choice of clothing color – a lot of dark in the image can make the face expressionless. It is better to use light dark coloring to be free in choosing clothes.[/stextbox]

Fair-haired girls with blue or gray eyes can choose:

  • golden, wheat, honey – all warm light shades will give femininity and show the cheerful and optimistic nature of the owner of the hair;

  • cold shades – ash, steel, platinum, white – will be good for strict ladies who follow the rules and love accuracy in everything. One has only to look at the photos before and after to appreciate the true cold beauty.

Harmonious combination of warm and cold shades.

[stextbox id=info]Important. It is well worth thinking about before ashy coloring for ladies over 40, so that elegant coloring does not resemble gray hair.[/stextbox]

Now the most fashionable coloring is the addition of dark or red tones to natural. These colors are suitable for light and dark blond.

For women with green eyes, you can safely add a red, copper, light chestnut shade – it will very beautifully echo the warm green eyes.

For brown-eyed girls, light blond hair is quite rare, but then you also need to look at skin color:

  • swarthy ladies can use coloring with dark shades – so the image will be more vivid and expressive;
  • fair-skinned girls with dark eyes can use both cold light and dark shades.

Dark blond color is suitable for various techniques – both for general lightening of hair (burnt strands, ombre), and for coloring into even darker shades. At the same time, many fashionistas also add a reddish or purple tint (red, copper, orange, cherry, purple). It looks great on the hair, gives them uniqueness and expressiveness.

What coloring for light brown hair would you choose?

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