Coloring for blondes 2023

Fashionable coloring for 2023 is a real gift for blondes! So many interesting trends, stylish techniques and new inspiring shades motivate you to change your look.

fashion techniques

Total blond

Coloring blond in one tone promises to look stylish and relevant, provided that you choose the trendy color of the 2023 season. So, an even and smooth color looks beautiful with a platinum, silver, linen or wheat shade.

darkened roots

The technique, codenamed Easy blond, is recognizable by the dark roots that smoothly turn into the main light color scheme. This is a new version of ombre 2023, which is soft and natural. It is recommended to trust such a trend to a professional in the world of coloring – then the result will look well-groomed and will not require frequent updates.

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Coloring balayage in the 2023 season allows blondes to get a smooth transition from dark to light. Trend technique gives the effect of burnt strands and additional volume. To be in fashion, in 2023, turn to natural balayage in the style of La French – this is a real hit!


The blond in the 2023 season becomes more multifaceted and interesting, and to create the necessary smooth and bewitching overflows of tones, the AirTouch technique can do it. Girls who want to make the blond more textured and expressive, add volume to their hair and delay a visit to the salon are turning to the trend.

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Trendy colors

caramel blonde

Coloring 2022-2023 is fashionable to embody in a refined and feminine shade of “caramel blond”. The color is recognizable by a distinct warm temperature that is combined with darker skin tones.


Fashionable hair coloring for the 2023 season suggests adopting a promising honey color scheme, which surprisingly combines overflows of warm and cold tones. Stylists suggest that the trendy color of dyeing 2023 is ideally revealed on wavy hair. There are no contraindications in the form of age, color type and eye shade – an experienced colorist will easily select honey coloring to decorate any girl.

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Trendy vanilla blond is deservedly considered a good idea for transforming not only young girls, but also elegant ladies over 50 years old – an exquisite shade masks gray hair and refreshes the appearance. To make the image spectacular, you will need the skill of a colorist and the patience of a fashionista after the procedure – it is important to maintain a noble shimmer with tinting agents.


The natural shades of blonde already loved by fashionistas in the 2023 season will acquire new variations. So, a soft wheat color scheme promises to be a stylish idea for coloring – natural and elegant.


Soft golden tints will be a stylish decoration for coloring blond 2023. You can achieve a light glow at home with the help of tint cosmetics, but you can also resort to coloring in the salon.


Coloring for a blonde in the 2023 season looks exquisite in a linen shade. The new color creates a well-groomed and noble image that does not require tedious care. You will have to maintain the temperature of the shade, but not as often as with very light shades. Linen blonde 2023 is considered the golden mean between beige and gray tone, this coloring looks natural and delicate.


Despite the rapid popularity of warm and natural blonde tones, expensive platinum colors also confidently hold on to the coloring trends of the 2023 season. This trend will adorn the owners of brown and blue eyes.

The trendy version of platinum in 2023 is Scandinavian blonde. This is an almost discolored ice tone that looks noble and expressive.

Baby blond

The highest professionalism of a colorist in the 2023 season will be measured by the ability to achieve a natural shade of blond, which comes from childhood. The charming color is combined with any skin tone and wonderfully refreshes the appearance.

A photo selection of blond coloring ideas in 2023 will help you decide which image to prefer for transformation in the new season. We wish you successful experiments and the most fashionable ideas!

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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