Coloring for brunettes 2023

Color trends 2023 have added fresh ideas and trends to classic shades and techniques for brunettes. Having become acquainted with the top new products, you are unlikely to resist stylish changes in your image!

fashion techniques

brazilian shatush

Shatush coloring 2023 is a real salvation for girls who are not ready for a regular visit to the salon. A smooth stretch of color slowly grows back, keeping the hairstyle well-groomed and the look fresh.


Coloring trends in 2023 offer a subtle update to the image without drastic changes. A stylish idea would be a contouring technique with lightening strands framing the face. When contouring, a minimal contrast with the main hair color is selected and the coloring looks natural.


Coloring dark hair in 2023 using the Airtouch technique allows you to recreate smooth transitions of tones and multidimensional deep color with amazing volume. The master bleaches about half of the hair, which provides a gentle approach to coloring.


Especially for brunettes who secretly dream of transforming into blondes, such a technique was invented. To embody the desired depth and volume, the master smoothly creates a contrast between light and dark strands, without changing the principle of naturalness.


Color trends 2023 pay attention to the trendy partial lightening – icing on the hair. A technique with an appetizing name discolors strand by strand against the background of contrasting dark hair.

Please note: large contrast highlights are considered an unambiguous anti-trend in the world of coloring 2023.


The effect of sun glare on dark hair is an extremely fashionable idea for a change of look in 2023. The trend refreshes hair, enhances shine, adds volume and rejuvenates the appearance – solid benefits!

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The fashionable effect of sun glare is created using balayage, shatush, blond or AirToch – the choice of technique depends on the result you want to get. Any kind of embossed coloring will allow you to get a stylish look that cannot be spoiled by regrown roots.

Trendy colors


In the 2023-2024 season, the trend towards naturalness continues with the expected relevance of light brown coloring. The fashionable palette of shades includes wheat, beige, golden brown and caramel tones. Any woman can choose the perfect color scheme – a natural light brown palette suits everyone.


In fashionable coloring 2023-2024, all shades of chocolate are relevant. Stylists love to embody a new color at any length, emphasizing the shine of the strands and the silhouette of the haircut.

Solid chocolate is suitable for well-groomed thick curls. If you need to enhance the volume, you can add contrasting highlights – for example, golden strands.


Brunettes in the 2023 season do not have to decide on drastic changes in their image – sometimes it is enough to change the shade to the current one to give the appearance freshness and novelty. So, the fashionable hair color in the 2023 season will be a mocha tone with inherent depth and sophistication.

The main feature of staining in mocha color is versatility. Kohler does not have a clearly defined temperature, therefore it is suitable for any appearance.

soft chestnut

An elegant shade for brunettes in 2023 is soft chestnut. Coloring has a cozy warmth and gently highlights the appearance. Stylists recommend taking a closer look at the new trend for girls with brown, green and blue eyes to enhance the natural attractiveness.

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Matte black

A noticeable trend in coloring in 2023 will be matte black, which will make the usual image spectacular and memorable. The trend will suit young girls with healthy skin color and thick hair.

Black Tulip

The “black tulip” tone looks chic and aristocratic, which combines notes of lilac and chestnut tones. The stylish trend is beautifully revealed on shiny curls.


On the basis of light brown and chestnut hair, it is possible to perform coloring in an elegant copper shade. The reddish-brown undertone illuminates the skin and adds softness to the look.


On the basis of dark hair in the 2023 season, cherry coloring looks amazing. The color looks deep and saturated, but demanding on the condition of the skin – the tendency to redness and rashes is excluded.

As you can see from the selection of photos of stylish images, brunettes in the 2023 season have where to roam when choosing fashionable coloring. Change the color nuance or sign up for trendy coloring – it’s up to you. In any case, your new image will be stylish and spectacular!

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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