Coloring for dark hair

Currently, hair coloring has become a fashionable trend all over the world. The technique of coloring on their hair is used not only by celebrities, but also by other layers of women’s society. Thanks to this development of hair stylists, you can change your image, diversify it, make your hair more voluminous and beautiful.

Coloring for dark hair is one of the most common types of coloring. It is quite acceptable for natural hair, spares them, the hair is not so susceptible to dye.

If you decide to color your hair, keep in mind that coloring looks better on dark hair. Give your hair a twist for a bright and charming look. When choosing shades of colors, combine it with a skin tone:

  • The classic version is shades of red and brown tones, they make a woman stylish and elegant. Bold extravagant girls prefer to dye their hair from red-brown to pink and purple.
  • One of the most difficult hair coloring options is American coloring. This is an imitation of sun-scorched hair. Most of all, it is suitable for brunettes and brown-haired women.
  • Pearl coloring. When using one tone of paint, a stunning pearl effect is created. Although this is an expensive procedure, after such coloring, the hair looks amazing and noble.
  • Pattern coloring. Special stencils and paints are used, with the help of which unusually beautiful drawings and patterns are created. This option is suitable for women who constantly update their haircuts.
  • Contrasting coloring also refers to a complex staining technique. It is performed in such a way that when the strands are combed to one side or the other, the hair color changes.

Coloring technique

The essence of professional coloring is that the master selects shades close to each other (from 2 to 10) and evenly distributes them over the entire surface of the head, while the hair is divided into zones and strands. Each tone of paint is applied separately to the strand. When coloring, not the entire mass of hair can be treated with paint, but some of it. With full colored dyeing, the natural color of the hair is completely changed, with partial, a shade of paint close to the natural hair is selected so that the colors “play” and harmonize with each other.

How is dark hair coloring done?

Hair coloring can be both transverse and longitudinal. With a longitudinal, shades are applied along the entire length of the strand, and with a transverse one, the master applies tint colors from the roots of the hair, starting from lighter to darker so that a soft transition is obtained. According to the masters, transverse coloring is considered the most progressive, as it provides the longest and most lasting result. The bottom line is that when the hair grows back, it does not form a border with the colored part of the head.

Specialists in their work use various dyes: brightening, tinting, persistent and semi-permanent. When starting coloring, you should always take into account the condition of the hair: highlighting, perm, etc. For a short period of time (party, disco, concert, going to the theater, etc.), you can apply extravagant colors of paints that are quickly washed off.

It is very difficult to make a coloring technique at home, you must have at least some hairdressing experience, as well as:

  • the most necessary number of tools and accessories: a cap, hook, foil, etc.;
  • the quality of work will depend on the hair hygiene products that you used, so you need to wash your hair with any head-cleansing shampoo a day or two beforehand;
  • test for an allergic reaction;
  • do not use complex schemes and first color the strands that would differ by two to three tones;
  • perform the following actions according to the instructions;
  • hair should be divided by half a centimeter and the following actions should be performed: do not dye a lot of strands, wrap it in foil along the entire length of the hair, dye it from the back of the head, gradually moving towards the forehead;
  • on the hair that has been separated into strands, we apply paint or brightener and fold the foil first on the sides, and then tuck it several times in the vertical direction along the length of the hair.

Helpful Hints

Coloring dark brown hair. Light brown is considered a transitional shade from blond to dark hair. On such strands, lighter and darker tones will look.

Coloring brown hair and red hair. Golden and red shades are appropriate here, the tips can be painted in bright colors.

Coloring for black hair. Such coloring requires a special professional approach due to the persistent black pigment in the hair. At home, the staining procedure should not be undertaken, you can get a negative result.

Remember that dyed hair requires careful and careful care, then the effect will last a very long time. It should be noted that the red color is always washed off faster than other colors. A special shampoo or conditioner for color-treated hair will intensify the color. If you use oil products, be careful when choosing and carefully read the instructions for use, as oils destroy the coloring pigment. To maximize the preservation of hair color, hairdressers are advised to do the lamination procedure. For home lamination, special kits are sold, which are quite affordable. Before going outside, coat your hair with a UV serum.

Be always beautiful and irresistible.

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