Coloring for short hair 2023

To achieve the perfect look, it is not enough to make a popular haircut. It is important to choose the right shade so that it looks beautiful on curls, rejuvenates, and gives originality. Fortunately, the beauty industry does not stand still, but is constantly evolving, thanks to which more and more techniques appear at the disposal of fashionistas every year. In today’s review, we will tell you what coloring for short hair can be done in the 2023 season. Let’s consider several fashionable color solutions.

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Trendy color options for short hair in 2023

Shortened styling is successfully combined with most modern types of staining. However, it cannot be said that there are a lot of opportunities for experimentation, because short curls provide limited opportunities for “manoeuvres”. The end result will always depend on the haircut you choose. For example, the dip-dye technique, trendy in 2023, combined with a pixie will look a little extravagant. But the classic caret perceives sharp color transitions much more loyally. So, before making drastic changes in your image, consult with a specialist.

Well, we will list the trends in dyeing for short hair.

  • highlighting. A technique that remains incredibly popular from season to season. Highlighting perfectly refreshes and rejuvenates the image. In 2023, partial contrast lightening of strands with an emphasis on areas around the face is in fashion. Dark chestnut curls can coexist with milky curls, and chocolate curls with sand, and it will be incredibly fashionable. But for women 40 years and older, classic types of highlighting are still more suitable using fashionable, close to natural shades.

  • Ombre. The easiest way to include contrasting shades in the image. Moreover, with the right approach, a beautiful stretch of color can be done even on a short pixie haircut. One of the most win-win options is a smooth transition from dark roots to lightened tips. Out of competition is still mother-of-pearl and ashy blond. Brave girls can experiment with brighter shades. For example, stretch from dark plum to pink, you will not regret it.

  • Monophonic. Coloring for short hair-2023 in one tone is the simplest solution that any lady can resort to. It is enough to choose the right shade and apply it to the curls. Of course, it will not turn out as interesting as in the case of highlighting or ombre, but you can be sure that the result will look neat. For blondes, stylists recommend soft light colors, such as linen or butter blonde (creamy). For brunettes – chocolate or cherry. If you want to add a playful redhead to the image, dye your hair amber.

  • Hidden. Do you want to join the latest fashion trends? Then choose the original hidden staining. Again, on a capricious pixie haircut, it will be problematic to bring it to life. But the bob-car and the classic car are quite suitable. Disguise bright strands in the very depths of the hair, and let the upper layers of curls have a traditional look. In loose form, the hair will look presentable. But, it is worth doing a haircut, and even the most ordinary ponytail, the “highlight” will immediately appear.

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  • Eye of the Tiger (Tiger’s eye). Coloring for brunettes and brown-haired women, based on warm shades of brown palette. For example, cognac, chestnut, honey, chocolate. As a rule, when creating an image, two colors are used – one for the base, the second for accent strokes. The result is a tiger eye effect. This coloring looks expensive, noble, elegant. It is perfect for a business lady, and for a lady over 50 years old. The overflows between brown and reddish look bewitching.

  • Dip-dye. And this hair coloring-2023, made on a short haircut, is primarily suitable for lovers of informal catchy images. The technique is quite simple: first, a base color is selected and applied (light, dark, red – it doesn’t matter), after which the tips are tinted. Moreover, the master uses the brightest shades – this is the main feature of dip-dye. And no smooth transitions, stretch marks. Everything is as contrasting as possible, and sometimes clumsy. But it works effectively.

  • air touch. Beautiful coloring for a stylish and sophisticated look. Suitable for owners of not too thick hair, which, after lightening using the air touch technique, will visually appear more voluminous. Literally, this type of staining is translated as “a touch of air.” In fact, this is a seamless highlighting, which helps to mask gray hair and refresh the image without compromising naturalness. The effect after applying paint with a hair dryer is light, like a haze.

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Bronding, shatush, balayage – these techniques are also quite suitable for dyeing short hair.

Choose your trendy coloring-2023 for short hair. We hope that the photos presented in the review will help you understand modern techniques.

Author: Mizyukalina Olga

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