Colors in clothes that look expensive

Colors that look expensive will help you create an elegant and rich look with your existing items. Get inspired by the aesthetics of beautiful outfits and sophisticated color combinations!


White has earned the title of the most luxurious and expensive color. Stylists assign this status to light-colored clothing due to associations: it is believed that rich people can afford such outfits, as they are not afraid to stain the fabric. White outfits, composed in monochrome, look especially luxurious. Every woman should try on such an image to feel like a real queen.

A softer shade of white – ecru – with a yellowish undertone is also on the list of expensive palettes. Knitwear looks especially elegant in this color scheme.


The beige color is responsible for the elegant notes in the image. A soft shade is good both in monochrome and with muted natural tones. Among the expensive color combinations, we highlight the neighborhood of beige with brown, blue, dark gray and wine shades.

Stylists advise relying on the versatility of beige when choosing quality basics. A laconic cut combined with an elegant shade looks expensive.


Stylists confirm: colors borrowed from precious stones make an expensive impression. An illustrative example is a rich emerald color scheme. Stylists reveal one trick: if the budget is limited, it is better to rely on high-quality accessories in emerald color – such details will look expensive and elegant.

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You can create an expensive image based on obviously successful color combinations. So, emerald clothes look great in the company of mustard, wine, dark orange and white things.

Expensive colors in clothes will adorn a woman only if they match her appearance. Stylists advise taking into account the color type – for example, the features of the “winter” type will sparkle in a new way with rich and cold shades of green, blue purple or pink.


The next representative of the precious palette is the magnificent shade of Burundi. Previously, wine color was chosen by kings, but today it has carefully preserved its association with high status and nobility.

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Wine tone will add gloss to the images for the cold season. For example, outerwear in this version will make any casual look more elegant, even when it comes to combining jeans with a turtleneck. Out of competition and feminine clothes in a shade of burgundy, which is appropriate not only in the image of a business woman, but also in an outfit for a social event.


A bright and impulsive shade of red instantly transforms any image – checked by the editors! It is important to choose scarlet things with a minimum of decor and let the color be the main accent in the outfit. The energy of red clothes will confirm your confidence and elegance.

The scarlet shade requires an impeccable approach to creating an image – makeup, styling and other details should look perfect.


The expensive and elegant mood of the image guarantees a delicious chocolate shade. This color is considered a favorite of designers in the performance of accessories and clothes in a laconic style.

Chocolate shade creates expensive images along with relatives – beige, brown and milky shades. Fashionable contrasts also do not contradict the created mood – combinations with a white, mustard or yellow neighbor are in trend. Relying on the excellent versatility of chocolate, you can safely choose the basic wardrobe components in such colors.


A calm and rich shade of blue looks especially expensive in the performance of business and minimalist silhouettes. For example, in this color they choose a trouser suit, a pencil skirt, a jacket or a laconic shirt.

Colors in clothes that look expensive and elegant are a great basis for your experiments with beautiful looks. Get inspired by successful combinations and create your own ensembles!

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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