Colors of the Ox: colors for the New Year 2021

The new year 2021 will be held under the auspices of the Metal Ox. It is believed that if you appease the host of the holiday, the whole year the person will be lucky. In order for the New Year’s patron to be satisfied, it is necessary to observe the favorite color scheme of the animal. Indeed, in the New Year, every person wants to believe in miracles and magic. Astrologers advise meeting the years of the Ox at home, but with comfort, observing all the rules and traditions.

Natural and natural colors

Girls are very scrupulous about their appearance, so they start preparing a New Year’s outfit long before the New Year. The natural habitat of the Bull suggests naturalness and naturalness, therefore, the colors for meeting the holiday should be appropriate.

The whole palette of green, brown and sand will give a lot of ideas for the future outfit. With the selected colors, you can create a monochrome look or combine several shades with each other. The main thing is that the image turned out to be harmonious and not too pretentious, because the Metal Ox appreciates calmness and poise.

Silver and glitter palette

Metallic dresses are perfect for a New Year’s look. Silver, metal, graphite and gray outfits will also impress the owner of the coming year. The Bull especially loves rhinestones and sequins, shimmering against the background of sparklers, tinsel and Christmas tree decorations.

Astrologers note that such colors will attract material well-being and climb the career ladder. In addition, moderate shine will add elegance and femininity to the image.

Pink outfit for dreamy people

The flowers that the Ox loves to look at on a walk can be recreated with the help of a pink look. This outfit is suitable for romantic ladies who dream of meeting long-awaited love. The opposite sex will definitely pay attention to a gentle and sophisticated person.

You can complement the image with the help of the appropriate makeup, made in pastel colors.

Appropriate and fashionable accessories

Jewelry should be made of precious metals – silver or gold. Noble accessories can be adorned with pearls and precious stones. The real trend of 2021 will be voluminous jewelry that attracts the attention of others.

What colors to avoid when meeting 2021

When choosing clothes for the meeting of 2021, you can not use red, burgundy and dark blue shades. These colors can greatly anger the patron, cause him aggression and bring trouble. It is also advisable to avoid any animal print.

It is better to give preference to a calm range, and leave bright and colorful outfits until next year.

A correctly chosen image will help appease the Metal Ox, attract happiness and good luck to the house.

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