Colpoelongation of the vagina according to the Sherstnev method

Girls with vaginal anomalies, namely with vaginal aplasia (absence of the uterus and vagina), face the choice of how to treat.

There are two types of treatment for this defect:

  • surgical;
  • bloodless.

The bloodless method is based on the use of colpoelongators that expand and lengthen the vagina. This method was developed by B.F. Sherstnev in 1969 and subsequently became known as vaginal colpoelongation according to the Sherstnev method. Colpopoiesis is considered a highly effective and safe treatment that is carried out without the use of any medication. The treatment process is usually carried out in the early stages of diagnosis. Therefore, girls and women must, without fail, undergo annual medical gynecological examinations.

With the help of colpoelongation, not only congenital malformations of girls are treated, but also the so-called secondary aplasia. This stage develops due to:

  • genital injuries;
  • inflammatory processes;
  • smallpox;
  • typhus;
  • diarrhea, etc.

In modern medicine, diagnosing a malformation of the vagina is not difficult.

How is colpoelongation performed?

The most suitable age for colpoelongation is considered to be 16 – 21 years. During this period, the girl’s body reaches the final maturation for the onset of sexual activity.

Since surgical interventions are associated with a number of complications, such as injury to internal organs, a decrease in the size of the neovagina, scarring, in addition, operations are contraindicated for many patients, vaginal colpoelongation is prescribed according to the Sherstnev method. Treatment, in this case, comes down to the use of a special device – a colpoelongator.

The colpo-elongator is a protector with a retractable bougie and special adjusting screws. This medical device, since its invention, has been partially modernized.

The colpoelongation procedure according to the Sherstnev method provides for the full control of doctors, despite the fact that this treatment system is bloodless. Manipulations during the introduction of the device and the degree of penetration depth, the patient regulates herself. The pressure force of the protector is determined by the pain syndrome.

For a more painless and effective treatment, special creams have been developed that increase the clinical effect. For example, Ovestin or Contractubex. They are designed to increase the elasticity and extensibility of the tissues of the walls of the genitals. Women who neglect ancillary medications may experience vaginal dryness and pain during intercourse.

Colpoelongation according to the Sherstnev method is used to form an artificial vagina. Since the female vulva consists of mucous tissues, it is capable, with the systematic use of the protector, to stretch and increase in size to a certain size.

Duration of treatment sessions

As a rule, to achieve certain results, it is required to conduct from one to three courses of colpoelongation. The interval between courses is about two months.

Treatment begins with one procedure per day, which lasts no more than 20 minutes. After 1 – 2 days, the number of daily sessions increases to two times a day, or even three. Each patient needs an individual approach. Accordingly, the time of the daily physical. procedures also increases to 30 – 40 minutes. The most rapid stretching of the skin on the eve of the vagina occurs during the first week. Further stretching is slower. Already after 20 – 25 days, the gynecologist can conduct medical vaginal examinations, since at this stage it is already possible to use a speculum.

The result of this method of treatment is the formation of a new neovagina. The average, ideally, should meet the following standards:

  • vagina diameter – 3 cm;
  • depth – at least 10 – 11 cm.

If treatment with colpoelongators does not lead to a satisfactory result, then surgery should be resorted to. By the way, vaginal colpoelongation according to the Sherstnev method is used not only as a separate method of treatment, but also as a procedure to prepare for surgery.

With the successful use of this method, the formation of a new neovagina takes 11-12 months. There are cases when patients achieved the desired result after 12 weeks.

Factors affecting the development of the defect

Aplasia of the female genital organs is an infrequent occurrence these days. Although over the past five years, this anomaly has increased tenfold. The development of this defect accounts for approximately one in 4,500 – 5,000 women.

Anomalies of the genital organs are:

  • congenital;
  • acquired.

The main culprits of the formation of malformations of the female genitalia in girls born are:

  • viral diseases that occur during pregnancy from eight to sixteen weeks;
  • harmful effects of the environment;
  • harmful production affecting the course of pregnancy;
  • occupational diseases;
  • excessive alcohol consumption;
  • smoking;
  • genetic changes;
  • heredity, etc.

Until now, the answer to the question: “What factor influences the formation of defective female genitalia?” – has not yet been fully explored. That is why women who are at the stage of pregnancy planning or being already in position should be more responsible and take into account all the factors that affect the course of pregnancy.

There is also acquired atresia (complete or partial overgrowth of the vagina). Acquired or so-called secondary aplasia can develop as a result of childhood infectious diseases. Also, birth trauma, douching with concentrated solutions can affect the development of the disease.


Many girls, up to a certain point, do not even suspect that they are carriers of this type of abnormal disease. Therefore, if signs such as:

  • severe menstrual pain in the ovaries (in the lower abdomen);
  • upon reaching the age of fifteen, the absence of a menstrual cycle;
  • pain during intercourse;
  • the desired pregnancy does not occur.

In this case, immediately, you should contact a gynecologist and conduct an unscheduled examination. The doctor, after making a diagnosis – Müllerian agnesia (if the stage of the disease is initial and not advanced), will prescribe colpoelongation of the vagina according to the Sherstnev method. In this case, the individual characteristics of each patient will be taken into account.

Despite the fact that sexual intercourse during …

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