Comic nails – trendy nail design in 2023

In 2022, the foreign segment of manicure has acquired a new trend. Some of the masters called it comic nails, and some – pop art nails. And all due to the fact that the nails after applying the design looked like in comics. The new trend was so much to your liking that it literally captured all the nail publics and master classes. Every self-respecting fashionista has done such a manicure at least once, and there were those who returned to it more than once. The triumph of comic nails nail design turned out to be unexpectedly loud, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that masters from Russia also paid attention to it. Let’s take a closer look at this unusual trend.

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Choosing colors for cartoon manicure comic nails

As it should be in comics, the design should look bright. At the same time, both monochromatic nail art and those made using the “different handles” technique are allowed here. We will talk about the second a little later, but for now we will list the most spectacular shades for this type of manicure.

  • bright blue. A very positive color that will be appropriate in the first place in the spring-summer of 2023. It looks great in a monochrome cartoon design. Suitable to complement everyday outfits.

  • Red/scarlet. A bold decision for ladies who seek to attract the attention of men. With such a manicure, it will be impossible to get lost in the crowd. A good choice for club looks.

  • Lactic. The perfect solution for short nails. This is the case when you can safely combine two trends in one nail art. Moreover, dairy is also a hit of the 2023 season. Suitable for both girls and women.

  • Light pink. Bold, original, summer-like positive. With marigolds of this color and design, even schoolgirls can afford to be like. And, of course, older fashionistas can choose him for a date.

  • Olive/khaki. Such a manicure will successfully fit into the autumn-winter looks of 2023. Despite the original cartoon effect, it looks rather restrained. Incorporate it into leather and military style bows.

  • Lilac/lavender. In spring, delicate shades should adorn the nails of ladies in the coming warm season. Lavender or close to it lilac in this list has no equal. Recommended!

  • light green. Comic nails is a new trend in the nail segment. However, it goes well with most of the shades popular this year. Including with a capricious, but life-affirming light green.

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cartoon manicure can be the way you want to see it – there are no restrictions on the choice of shades. They can be neon bright or calm, such as pale pink or coffee with milk. Still, the design will be spectacular.

How to do a comic nails manicure

To make a trendy cartoon nail art, you need to be able to work with a palette. The design should be based on shades adjacent to each other on the Itten circle. Or you can choose companion colors: purple and lilac, blue and cyan, burgundy and red, brown and beige. The idea is that one shade should be slightly lighter than the second. You will also need black and white gel polishes.

On a well-polished nail, carefully apply a light “companion” varnish. The layers should be thin, but uniform, without gaps and seals. Dry each in a UV lamp. Next, draw a noticeable black “frame” around the perimeter of the entire plate. Including it should capture the free edge of the nail. Dry everything again.

After that, apply a trendy highlight effect. To do this, you need a white gel polish and a dark “companion”. Strokes imitating highlights should be located on opposite sides of the nail plate opposite each other so that the nail art looks like in a comic book. From the first time for a beginner, despite the apparent simplicity, the design may not work. It takes practice to be perfect.

Design ideas for comic nails manicure

Comic Nails is self-sufficient in itself, so it is not decorated with rhinestones and sparkles. And yet there are techniques that are successfully combined with this unusual design.

  • french. Great solution for long nails. Moreover, for a professional master, there is not much difference where to recreate the cartoon effect – on the entire plate or only on its edge. The result is an unusual French-style nail art.

  • “Miscellaneous Pens” To make a fashionable comic nails manicure using this technique, it is enough to choose two contrasting shades of varnish (or vice versa from one palette). Apply one to the right hand, the second to the left. Add highlights. In this version, the cartoon design is also very good.

  • With drawings. Bright comic nails are often complemented with drawings. As a rule, concise, so as not to overload the nail art too much. Hearts, emoticons, unobtrusive geometry, logos, twigs, miniature flowers look good in this case. However, some fashionistas willingly turn to comic book characters.

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Comic nails is an absolute novelty of the season in the Russian nail segment. We hope that the photos presented in the review will convey the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthis manicure. Although it is worth recognizing that it will not always be appropriate.

Author: Mizyukalina Olga

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