Consequences of abortion

Every woman knows that abortion is an artificial termination of pregnancy, which can be carried out both with the help of specialized medicines and with the help of surgery. But, regardless of how the procedure was carried out, it can cause extremely negative consequences.

Consequences of medical abortion

It is immediately worth paying attention to the fact that medical abortion should take place exclusively under the supervision of a medical specialist. But, despite this, negative consequences can still manifest themselves. It is most often stated that after such a procedure, severe uterine bleeding opens. Even more common is such a phenomenon as severe inflammatory processes.

By the way, a characteristic feature of bleeding of this type is that they cannot be stopped. In almost half of the cases, an immediate blood transfusion procedure is required. As for inflammations, they are very difficult to diagnose in the early stages. Especially in the case when a woman has had such an abortion for the first time in her life and does not know what sensations can be considered normal. This can result in sepsis.

Early consequences after surgical abortion

Today, it is customary for medical specialists to divide the consequences of an abortion that occur precisely in the case of its implementation by surgery, both early and late. As for the early consequences, it is customary to rank among them those that arise both directly during the abortion itself, and in the first days after such an intervention. During the operation, there are quite often situations when, due to inaccurate or incorrect insertion of all relevant instruments, a rupture or perforation of the uterus occurs. Also, such situations are very common when there are sufficiently strong and prolonged causes of bleeding, the main cause of which, most often, is damage to very large vessels. Also, do not lose sight of the fact that due to the introduction of anesthesia, a variety of complications can occur, associated, in the first place, with the cardiovascular system.

As for the complications that arise in the first days after such a medical procedure, this is inflammation, as well as thrombosis. Inflammatory processes can take place both directly in the uterus itself, and in the fallopian tubes, as well as in the abdominal cavity. In a significant number of cases, blood poisoning may also begin. In the event that immediate treatment with antibiotics does not begin, the likelihood of death is too high. Provided that blood clotting is not too high, there is a significant likelihood of blood clots in the legs.

Late consequences of abortion

If abortion did not show negative consequences in the first days or weeks after it, then this in no way can indicate that you can, so to speak, relax. It is immediately important to pay attention to the fact that carrying out artificial termination of pregnancy in any case will negatively affect the body. Moreover, in some cases, the consequences can occur after a couple of months. But, sometimes they can stretch in time and appear even after several decades.
One of the most common problems of the distant type is the onset of chronic inflammatory processes both directly in the fallopian tubes themselves and in the uterus. Very often, it is this inflammation that is the main reason that a woman cannot become pregnant. Also, often such processes are the root cause of the onset of ectopic pregnancies. Another common option can be considered chronic non-carrying.

A woman who has had an abortion and, after a certain period of time, has become pregnant again and is striving to bear and give birth to a child, must also be aware of what consequences may occur. Firstly, if a uterine injury was observed during an abortion, then it is immediately worth considering that there is a high probability of a rupture. Especially this scenario is extremely relevant in the last trimester of pregnancy. Secondly, in a significant number of cases, one may encounter a situation where, after approaching a certain gestational age, a miscarriage occurs. In order to avoid this, it is recommended to go to storage almost immediately after confirmation of pregnancy and subsequent registration.

Psychological consequences of abortion

Every woman who is going to have an abortion must take into account the fact that it can lead to negative consequences not only of the physical, but also of the psychological type. Moreover, in no case should you underestimate their importance. The fact is that such negative consequences can lead to the development of neuroses, as well as the further occurrence of diseases of the psycho-somatic type. Very often, and to be more precise, in almost all cases, there is a feeling of guilt towards an unborn child. The severity of this feeling can be quite varied.

In addition, constant irritability can also be considered a psycho-hormonal consequence. Sleep disturbances, as well as frequent nightmares, are also the consequences of an abortion. Recently, more and more psychologists are inclined to believe that the inability to get pregnant for a long time in the absence of medical deficiencies is also one of the consequences of the psychological type. Thus, the body of a woman who has had an abortion is trying, as it were, to protect herself from possible physical and psychological shocks.

Draw your attention to! The information presented in the article is for informational purposes and does not call for self-diagnosis, self-treatment and influence on your body by any means. Only a qualified specialist (doctor, trainer, nutritionist, etc.) can make a diagnosis, prescribe (recommend) treatment and medications or dietary supplements, give recommendations on nutrition and training, and also control the treatment process (weight loss, training), focusing on a particular person and based on his individual characteristics.

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