Cool costumes for adults for the new year 2022

It is difficult to imagine the New Year without a fabulous atmosphere. And who are the most important in the fairy tale? That’s right, magical characters! Therefore, between decorating the house and compiling a menu for the holiday, you should definitely take care of carnival costumes. And it is not necessary to lay out fabulous sums in stores! An interesting and cool outfit can be made independently from improvised materials. It doesn’t matter if you have a party with a narrow circle of friends or a corporate party at work, be sure that you will amaze everyone with your creativity and charm!

How to celebrate the New Year for a man

Like it or not, but when choosing a New Year’s costume, the main role is played by the gender issue. But this does not mean that the range of outfits for men is limited!

Irreplaceable man for the New Year holidays

No New Year is complete without Santa Claus. And if you are ready to take on this responsible role of the main sorcerer, we will tell you how not to bother with the costume. First of all, you will need a regular dressing gown with the smell of red or burgundy. Suitable, by the way, and terry, and velor. Along the line of the hem and collar, you can decorate your attire with sparkling rain or patches of fur.

Don’t forget the beard and headdress with snowy hair. You can build them using a synthetic winterizer or ordinary cotton wool. The hat can be either triangular or the usual round shape. And you can add volume to the beard with the help of a wire frame, which must be wrapped with ribbons, after which the “hair” is already fastened.

The most important attribute of Santa Claus are also mittens, a staff and a large bag with gifts. Don’t forget to decorate them with silver tinsel and snowflakes.

Sex symbol of the year

Probably everyone already knows that the main symbol of the coming year is the tiger. The costume of this animal can be easily made in just a few hours. And it will be up to you to decide whether it will be seductive or funny! You will need an orange vest: sew or glue long black triangles on it and the main part of the costume is ready. But what is a tiger without a tail? On the back of black or orange trousers, you can simply sew on a long pigtail woven from bright ribbons, or you can get confused and create a tail from wire wrapped in rain. The final piece of the costume is the mask. However, you can do without it: just paint the nose and mustache with black paint, and build the ears from a hoop and red triangles.

For guys with a good sense of humor

Young people who are not afraid to seem funny, but, on the contrary, consider their cheerful disposition to be an advantage, we have prepared three options for funny costumes:

  • Christmas deer. A little fantasy, an old sweater, scraps of colored fabric – and you are already Santa’s main helper!
  • Snowman. A white sweater with large buttons may suffice. But you can try by creating three-dimensional structures-balls and covering them with white material.
  • Pirate. Is there a cocked hat lying around somewhere? Fine! And if not, a scarf and a pair of feathers will be enough.

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Top original women’s carnival costumes

The range of women’s costumes is much wider than men’s: whatever one may say, girls, apparently, have a wider fantasy. You can be a princess from Disney cartoons, and a Christmas tree, and a snow maiden. But we offer more original options.

For home party

If there is absolutely no time to bother with a suit, you can simply give new life to an old sweater. Sheathe it with ribbons, rain, rhinestones or small bells. If you want something a little more unusual, sew a garland with lights on your clothes. Just think in advance that it is powered by batteries, and not from the mains.

An interesting and budget option is an application on a sweater made of cotton pads. The figure of a snowman, made in a similar way, looks very original. The eyes and nose of the character can be made of colored paper or felt.

Who are you, mask?

Undoubtedly, an openwork mask is an excellent alternative to an expensive costume. In addition, it can be easily made by hand. By covering part of the face, you can transform into a mysterious stranger, and into a catwoman, and into a bat. The easiest way to make a mask is from a cardboard base by sticking lace on it. A satin ribbon will help to fix it on the head.

If you have time and desire, try to make a mask in papier-mâché technology – then you can give it any shape. And it is best to paint the mask with acrylic paints – they fit well and last a long time.

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Hairstyle is also part of the costume

You can create a holistic festive look by simply putting on an elegant dress and paying special attention to your hairstyle. The easiest option: collect hair in a lush bun and add a red circle in the middle, wire horns and eyes – you get a funny deer. You can also gently weave luminous garlands into your hair. Just make sure the insulation is intact.

If you are not afraid to experiment with hairspray, try styling your hair up in the shape of a Christmas tree. From above they can be decorated with miniature bright balls and rain. In order not to damage your hair when creating a spectacular image, you can carry out similar manipulations with a wig.

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A little imagination and effort – and everyone can transform into a real fairy-tale character. After all, a magical festive atmosphere depends only on our desire!

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