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Coral color has again become one of the most relevant today, so it is widely used not only in the fashion industry, but also in the design of manicure. After all, besides the fact that this palette always looks stylish and bright on the nails, besides, it is also quite versatile, as it is easily combined with various nail art techniques and has no age restrictions. Based on this, nail masters based on coral color created many manicure designs, the most interesting of which we will consider later in our article.

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The main trends of coral nail art

In order for the coral manicure to turn out to be fashionable and original, it is necessary to take into account the latest beauty trends in the nail art segment.

  • Glitter stripes. Nail design with geometric elements is still popular among modern fashionistas. However, special attention this season should be given to stripes painted with colored glitter varnishes. They can be of different lengths and widths. The same applies to the location of such decor on the nail plate. But as for the colors, in addition to the classic gold, silver, white and black, stylists also recommend using other contrasting tones, such as plum, turquoise and even blue.

  • Monochrome design. Simplicity and minimalism are the main guiding trends of 2019, including in the design of manicure. The right shade of coral color will help not only emphasize the beauty and elegance of women’s hands, but also become an elegant element of the image.

  • Insects. Insects, bugs and butterflies can be an excellent decor in creating a manicure. At the same time, insects can be not only painted, but also lined with colored rhinestones, sparkles and kamifubuki, which makes the design as a whole even more striking and unusual.

Interesting holiday manicure

What shades can be combined with coral color?

Although coral is “friends” far and not with all palettes, there are still several colors with which in a “duet” it forms very effective combinations.

  • With pink. Ideal, especially if a pale shade of coral was used as the base. In this case, bright accents made with pink will not only diversify the design as a whole, but also make it even more catchy.

  • With white. One of the most popular combinations, which results in a very delicate and versatile design.

  • With black. The combination of coral and black in the manicure design creates an elegant nail design that will harmoniously fit into any look. In this case, black can be distinguished as one finger in the form of a monochromatic coating, or you can decorate two or three ornate patterns on top of a coral base at once.

Stylish option

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  • With gold. The most trendy combination that can be used in many designs, such as French with a golden “smile” or marble with golden veins located on top of a coral-colored backing.

  • With blue. This is a fairly light combination, which is the best suited for summer manicure. The blue color can be used both to create various patterns on top of a coral substrate, and in a gradient stretch.

  • With beige. The combination of coral and beige creates a trendy nude design this season. The main thing is to choose the most light and muted shades of coral, which will not stand out against the general background.

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Important! Coral color looks no less impressive in a “duet” with red. However, such a manicure should be worn on long nails, as it visually shortens the nail plate.


Original Coral Design Ideas

Today, a manicure made in coral shades has become so popular that on the Internet you can find many photos with examples of such a design of marigolds. We have presented the most interesting of them below.

  • french. This technique can be easily applied to coral designs as well. For example, one has only to highlight one nail with a classic white jacket and colored rhinestones, while covering the rest with coral-colored gel polish. Another option is to paint the “smile” area directly with coral. The backing can be made in basic beige or white.

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  • With rhinestones. These colored pebbles are able to transform and make any manicure more elegant, including coral. Rhinestones in this case can both serve as an additional accent in the design, and be a full-fledged highlight of the entire manicure. As for the location, most often the rhinestones on the nails are laid out in a chaotic manner or in the form of patterns.

  • ombre. You can also make a spectacular gradient stretch using a coral range. It can be ombre within a palette with transitions from darker to lighter, or in combination with other colors, such as white, red, orange or blue. You can also experiment with transitions. They can be both smooth and quite contrasting, horizontal and even vertical.

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Important! The gradient technique has earned popularity among modern fashionistas not only because such a manicure looks beautiful on short nails, but also allows them to visually lengthen and hide the unevenness of the plate.


  • With rubbing. With its help, you can achieve beautiful overflows or the effect of a metallic coating on the nails, which cannot be obtained using other decorative tools. Stylists recommend decorating with a rub, both completely all fingers, and using it as a finishing touch on a nail with a ready-made design.

  • Matte. Velvet matte finish is no longer a novelty, but a full-fledged trend that could also take root in the design of coral manicure. Most often, a matte finish is used as a final coating over a solid color or with a ready-made base design. You can also find options in which, using a glossy and matte finish, various patterns are created on the nails, as a result of which the design is more textured.

  • Lunar. Manicure with transparent or contrasting colored holes is also no less popular now. You can decorate with them, as one finger, and completely the whole hand. Another equally interesting idea is to experiment with the shape of the holes themselves. In addition to arcuate, they can be V-shaped or even.

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  • With drawings. The design of a manicure made in coral color with drawings of various subjects is now especially relevant. Both elements of geometry and abstraction, complex artistic painting or simple minimalistic drawings with floral motifs are allowed. In any case, this decor looks …

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