Corduroy suit: a warm and fashionable basis for the spring 2021 look

World fashion has again returned velveteen products to the peak of popularity. Designers advise every girl to purchase at least one corduroy suit. Such a purchase will be a profitable and stylish investment in the basic wardrobe of a fashionista. It will allow you to create many interesting and trendy images. Thanks to the accessories, the corduroy suit is suitable for everyday wear, as well as for an evening out or an event.

How to wear to work

It would seem that a strict office dress code does not give fashionable women room for imagination at all. Girls are used to wearing classic black suits, white blouses and discreet accessories to work. However, the right approach to office wardrobe will allow you to make some variety. The main thing is to observe the measure and color scheme.

A velvet suit can be the perfect base for a spring look. A win-win option for work is a suit, complemented by a turtleneck or a thin matching sweater. A monochrome look will look restrained, fresh, but at the same time appropriate at work.

You can also combine such an outfit with a plain, translucent blouse or shirt. To make the image harmonious, you should not overload it with decor: ruffles, complex textures and geometry, rhinestones or sequins. You can complement the outfit with fashionable accessories.

Everyday life

The corduroy two-piece suit is perfect for everyday and active life, as this fabric is durable and has the ability to keep its shape, as well as keep warm. Velveteen is quite practical and comfortable in everyday wear, because it can be adapted to almost any outfit. Girls who spend the whole day on their feet can complete the look with chunky sneakers or rough boots.

Lovers of bright colors can diversify a monochrome outfit with bright knitwear. For example, a large knit sweater. A game of contrast will be a great solution for a spring wardrobe.

For a social event

Strict corduroy trousers in tandem with a jacket are suitable for a cocktail party, a romantic date or going out, as this fabric looks expensive and noble. For a social event, a corduroy suit can be worn with a chiffon blouse. Suits in burgundy, marsala or lavender shades look particularly advantageous.

Appropriate accessories will help to place accents in the image. For example, elegant earrings or a thin necklace.

A corduroy suit will be a warm and fashionable staple of your spring 2021 look. Corduroy can be easily adapted to any occasion and style.

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