Cosmetic masks at home

In the spring, when young nature wakes up after a winter sleep, you really want to feel youth and freshness with it.

Someone changes their hairstyle, someone updates their wardrobe, but what we will never be able to buy or exchange is our skin. And the spring update should start with the skin of the face.

The most powerful tool of modern cosmetologists are face masks. Moisturizing, nourishing, brightening, lifting effect – this is an incomplete list of the effects of this procedure. It is not easy for a modern woman to find time to go to a beautician, but she really wants to be beautiful. It’s time to remember the recipes of our grandmothers, who wanted to be beautiful, and were so, despite the lack of a choice of cosmetics in stores.

The most important advantage of do-it-yourself cosmetic masks is their freshness, well-known composition, convenient time for application and no big expenses. Knowing the properties of the components that are most often used, you can be creative in the process of making a mask and create your own unique recipes.

Honey. Contains macro- and microelements, enzymes, vitamins, has a bactericidal effect. Penetrating into the skin, it nourishes, regulates water metabolism, prevents the appearance of wrinkles, and has an anti-inflammatory effect. It is used with caution if there is an allergic reaction to honey or its products.

Chicken egg yolk. Contains over 50 bionutrients, all fat-soluble vitamins, lecithin and most of the water-soluble vitamins, plus Pro-Vitamin A. Most often used in combination with a naturally occurring fat base such as olive oil or sour cream to provide a nourishing effect for dry or aging skin.

Chicken egg white. It contains protein, B vitamins and amino acids, has a tightening and drying effect, so it is most often included in masks for oily skin.

Yeast. They contain nucleic acids, amino acids and enzymes that stimulate the regenerative processes of the skin, vitamins B, D, PP, and also have antibacterial properties. Most often used in nourishing masks.

Vegetables, berries, fruits. The most important component is organic acids, for example, alpha-hydroxy acids, which have a unique effect: reducing age-related pigmentation, slowing down the aging process, softening dry skin without irritation.

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