Cossack boots: what to wear with a fashion trend in 2020

From the article you will learn what to wear with fashionable Cossack boots in the autumn-winter 2020-2021 season. After all, images in Western style will be at the peak of popularity. Therefore, if you do not want to lag behind fashion and ignore one of the most romantic and at the same time brutal styles, Cossack boots should definitely be in your shoe arsenal. We offer a detailed overview of stylish looks with trendy boots.

Cossack boots – a fashion trend of the autumn-winter season

Like many other things, boots with a pointed toe and beveled heels got into the women’s wardrobe from the men’s. This model was ideal for riding, the leg easily fell into the stirrup and did not slip out of it.

Thanks to their convenience and practicality, today Cossack boots are firmly entrenched in women’s fashionable looks. After all, they not only look very stylish, but are also extremely comfortable to wear. Therefore, women of fashion can safely go in such boots for long shopping and not be afraid of leg fatigue. In addition, these boots are universal, as they are suitable for both young girls and more mature ladies.

Taking advantage of the popularity of the model, the designers tried to make the boots boring, offering fashionistas a lot of stylish options.

Among the most stylish models of pointed boots in 2020, special attention should be paid to the following options:

  • Red Cossacks. Preference should be given to products of deep and rich shades of scarlet. These boots will be a real highlight of any outfit and will ideally complement autumn looks with a stylish trench coat, a midi length skirt and a warm sweater.
  • Restrained colors and shades. Despite the fact that red boots will be extremely popular. To create more restrained and calm outfits, Cossacks in the classic palette of black, brown, and beige are suitable.
  • Wide shaft. Thanks to the fashion for voluminous things, wide-top Cossack boots are among the trendy shoes of 2020. At first glance, it seems that they are a little large in the lower legs. However, do not be afraid of such an effect. Since such models not only look incredibly stylish, but also allow you to visually make the legs more elegant, and the image itself more fragile and elegant.
  • Uneven heel. Despite the fact that the bevel is a distinctive characteristic of the Cossacks, borrowed from the men’s wardrobe, women’s models are often equipped with a straight heel. In the new season, ladies who wear Cossack boots with beveled heels will look most stylish and fashionable. At the same time, stylists recommend not to be afraid to choose models with a heel that is more beveled than usual.
  • Animal print. If the models of classic colors seem too boring, and the red color is too bright and defiant, you should pay attention to the stylish and trendy boots with animal colors for more than a season. A bold leopard, zebra, and snake are still in fashion. Such printed Cossacks are sure to attract the attention of others and become an accent in an image with a discreet trench coat or coat.
  • High. Traditional Cossacks usually do not reach the knees in height. However, the designers decided to correct this “oversight” and offered women boots with obvious signs of the Cossacks. Such shoes look very stylish and a bit outrageous, but they fit perfectly into autumn looks with a coat or trench coat.
  • Decor. If you don’t want to experiment with the colors and height of the boots, you can add zest to the image by choosing a decorated model. Cossacks with embroidery, inscriptions, chains, scuffs will give the image originality and completeness, they will become a bright detail of the whole outfit.

Cossack boots will be a great addition to the looks for those girls who prefer clothes in a wide variety of styles, including boho and country.

Ladies who prefer a sporty or classic style will either have to give up such shoes or update most of their wardrobe for them. With the help of pointed boots, it is also quite problematic to create a romantic and glamorous outfit.

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Fashionable images with Cossack boots

To look fashionable and stylish in the fall-winter 2020-2021 season, stylists recommend wearing Cossack boots with ordinary clothes, making attractive bows for every day. Further we will tell in more detail about what clothes the trendy models of the Cossacks are best combined with.


The choice of outerwear for the Cossacks is largely determined by the time of year and the weather outside the window. Indeed, almost all options for fashionable and stylish outerwear are suitable for such boots.

  • Coat. The most stylish and attractive looks are those in which Cossack boots are combined with a woolen coat of a male cut. Whereas it is better to refuse fitted feminine options, since they will not be in the best way in harmony with rather rude Cossacks.
  • Trench. Such a raincoat is at the peak of popularity today. However, as in the previous paragraph, when compiling a stylish bow with Cossacks, preference should be given to slightly baggy models that fit freely on the figure. It is best to wear short Cossack boots with a raincoat, they will be the perfect addition to the autumn outfit.
  • Parka. Another option for warm outerwear, which is suitable for creating a trendy look with pointed boots.
  • Jeans. Warm models of denim jackets will be an excellent pair for stylish Cossacks. In this case, you can pick up boots of both classic height and slightly oversized or shortened models.
  • Biker jacket. These daring jackets with their appearance and style are ideal for Cossack boots, allowing you to create an attractive bow in Western style. Options with a leather jacket decorated with fringe will look especially stylish.
  • Bomber. To create a fashionable bow for autumn 2020, a bomber jacket, fashionable in the autumn-winter 2020-2021 season, is also suitable. It goes well with the Cossacks, allowing you to create very stylish outfits.
  • Fur coat and sheepskin coat. Such fashionable winter clothes will also suit the Cossacks. However, shortened models of fur coats and sheepskin coats should be preferred. Over the knee boots will look great in tandem with a voluminous fur coat above the knees, and a sheepskin coat will become a winter version of an autumn leather jacket.

“bottom” and “top”

It is not enough for Cossack boots to harmonize with outerwear. What is worn under a fur coat or jacket should also make a beautiful image with shoes.

Jeans. The ideal style of jeans is skinny. They are suitable for creating comfortable, beautiful and practical sets with Cossacks. Cropped or tucked boyfriend jeans will also look good. It is forbidden to tuck jeans into Cossacks.

Culottes. An original and stylish bow can be obtained by combining wide trousers and pointed boots with a wide top in one outfit.

Denim skirt. Denim is the ideal companion of the Cossacks. Particular attention should be paid to short skirt models, combining them with high…

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