Cozy winter casual: how to be in trend

Finding a harmonious wardrobe for winter in the city, where temperature fluctuations coexist with slush and chilly winds, is a difficult task. A review of current models of outerwear in this article will help you choose exactly the one that fits perfectly into your wardrobe and warms you up this winter.

plush coat

Second winter in a row teddy coat is not just in trend, but at the very peak of fashion due to its soft, unusual texture and warmth. Colors can be absolutely any, but the most popular this season copper, brown, beige and honey-orange shades. These cozy coats are versatile and can be paired with both high boots and ankle boots. Bright images can be obtained on the game of contrasts: brutal leather trousers and black platform boots and childlike softness of plush together give an interesting style combination.

Sheepskin coat-aviator

For those who cannot imagine their life without a leather jacket, its winter counterpart is suitable – sheepskin aviator. Black, brown and beige – one of the most popular colors of this model. The range of things that make great outfits with this top is almost limitless: winter dresses, long skirts, skinny jeans and skinny pants. There are even more options for shoes: both classic boots with heels of any brand, and female PUMA winter sneakers from the latest collection.


The Italian house of Max Mara brought back from oblivion a few years ago the style of the coat worn by a couple of previous generations. It was liked by modern fashionistas for its convenience of form and elegant chic. The sandy-beige gamma is still relevant, but it is actively crowded out by whitened colors from purple to pink. A coat-robe is undemanding to shoes, except that it is worth excluding high boots-stockings. Beanie hats, fur headbands or stoles made from natural fabrics are suitable for headwear.

Bulky down jacket

It emphasizes the fragility and diminutiveness of the owner, and the color palette of the new season – from calm basic colors to bright and deep red, blue, purple and green hues – makes the image juicy and noticeable. Down jackets with prints and checks also take place on the catwalk and in the wardrobes of fashionistas.

A headdress for a voluminous down jacket can be with a pompom or a masculine cut. Winter caps with visor and ear protection also a great option. Fur earflaps are suitable for models without a hood.

faux fur coat

Natural fur goes into oblivion not only because of environmentalists – it is expensive and demanding to care for, and its synthetic counterpart costs ten times less, and warms just as well.

For brave women, ultra-trend fur coats with a long nap imitating llama or bear fur are suitable – it will be difficult not to notice their extravagant owners, as well as those who choose leopard, cat colors. Faux fur under the chinchilla“will give the image a geometric look, but can play a cruel joke and visually add a few kilograms.

Choose your unique style and enjoy the warmth all winter 2021!

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