Cream-ointment Nepotoff from sweat and smell: instructions for use

Cream-ointment Nepotoff is a drug that helps in the fight against excessive sweating and body odor. The tool is very easy to use and does not require specific storage conditions.

Indications for the use of ointment from unpleasant odor and sweat

The indication for the use of this drug is excessive sweating and manifestations of an unpleasant odor outside. This is a medical phenomenon – hyperhidrosis. A number of reasons for such a reaction:

  • The state of stress. In the event of an extreme situation or strong excitement, a person may notice sweating of the palms, feet, neck, and chest.
  • Excessive body weight. The heat generated by a person during energy consumption cannot freely leave the body through a layer of fat under the skin.
  • Adolescence, menopause. These two events are united by an unusual state of hormone production. If the amount of production deviates from the norm, then the body mistakenly seeks to keep warm in hot weather, releasing heat, thereby producing sweat in excess.
  • Thyrotoxicosis – excessive functioning of the thyroid gland, accompanied by profuse sweating.
  • Prolonged antibiotic treatment. Under the influence of complex drugs, the microflora in the digestive system temporarily changes and excess fluid is released through the skin.
  • Problems with sweat glands.
  • Sweating is hereditary.

Mechanism of action

The pharmacological effect on the body is achieved by external action on the epidermis, with the help of highly active components of medicinal elements. The ointment acts on sweat fluid by absorbing, drying, absorbing. It is recommended to use the drug regularly to achieve the best effect. It is used to reduce the inflammatory response, especially in hot weather, as well as to reduce the risk of harmful effects on the skin from the external environment, to reduce the release of unwanted fluid.

Nepotoff during pregnancy

This drug is strictly not recommended for use during pregnancy and during pregnancy. The amount of formaldehyde contained can harm mother and child.

Contraindications, exceptions to use

The ointment may cause temporary allergic reactions. In case of itching, red spots, redness, acne, you should immediately stop using the drug and contact a dermatologist who, after conducting a study, will accurately determine the cause of the symptom and prescribe treatment.

To avoid a sudden allergic reaction, before using the ointment, a sample test should be performed. To do this, you need to apply a small amount of the product on the hand or forearm, wait a few minutes, and evaluate the condition of the skin, its color and changes. If, after a few minutes, nothing has changed, then the ointment can be used on all parts of the body.

Contraindications for use:

This drug does not have strict prohibitions for use, but you should know the exceptions:

  • Strictly not recommended for use by children and adolescents under 16 years of age. The product can harm the delicate children’s skin and cause allergies, which the children’s body can hardly tolerate.
  • Pregnancy and lactation. Formaldehydes are dangerous for pregnant women and can harm the fetus.
  • Kidney problems. This ointment will not bring harm, but it will also benefit. Address to the endocrinologist.
  • Cuts, wounds, cracks, various erosions.
  • allergic heredity. In this case, it is recommended to use formaldehyde-free ointments.
  • Do not use on wide areas of the skin, due to the toxic preparations contained in small amounts.

Side effects

The drug is categorically not recommended for long-term use. Due to the strong and long-term effect of formaldehyde on the epidermis, it can cause itching, redness, allergies in case of prolonged use or improper use. The chemical composition of the drug includes elements that, when ingested through a cut, crack, wound, can cause a rapid accumulation of their quantity, thereby causing problems with internal organs, causing indigestion, problems with the kidneys and duodenum. Based on medical research, the drug is recommended to be used for no more than 5 days continuously, a second course can be taken only after 7 days.

Chemical composition of Nepotoff

The following are the chemical components of Nepotoff ointment. It is recommended to read and find out if there is an allergy to any element.

  1. Boric acid is a harmless agent that has a drying effect, which does not dissolve at all in a liquid. Due to the antiseptic action, the acid actively fights microorganisms and bacteria, parasites. Also, this component is an antiseptic, perfectly relieves itching caused by heat transfer from the body.
  2. Zinc oxide – copes with burns, itching, has a distracting effect. Due to the content of zinc, the drug reduces the harmful effects of other pharmaceuticals that do not spare the epidermis.
  3. Alcoholic solution of salicylic acid – has a positive irritating effect. Due to the destructive metals in the composition, the product allows you to penetrate well deep into the skin.
  4. Glycerin – reduces the rough effect of all components of the drug. It forms a ball of oil film on the skin, which moisturizes and nourishes irritated skin, protecting it from the effects of rough elements and environmental bacteria.
  5. The salt of boric acid is sodium tetraborate. An active ingredient for removing various fungal bacteria from the skin, penetrating deep into the pores. It has a barrier effect and stops further development.
  6. Mint oil. Oily consistency has a tonic, firming effect. Perfectly softens the skin, protecting it from bacteria.
  7. Talc / powder. Dries the skin, smoothes, evens out skin tone.
  8. Aromatic oils, emulsifiers, additives.

Mode of application

A mandatory criterion for using this product is that it must be applied to clean skin, after a shower or immediately before leaving the house for 1 hour. The cream is applied with a thin ball to problem areas, shins, armpits, chest, neck, and special attention should be paid to the skin between the toes and hands. The ointment should be rubbed well and massaged for 3 minutes. Wait until completely absorbed. In order to protect clothes from white spots and abrasions due to the presence of talc, after absorption, you need to blot the excess drug on the skin with a paper towel. The procedure is recommended to be repeated for 4 days, with a break of 2 weeks….

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