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Creating a New Year’s and unusual hairstyle

Do you want to be the most beautiful and spectacular on New Year’s Eve? Then, especially for you, we have selected 20 hairstyle ideas for the New Year 2022 for medium hair. They are pretty simple and straightforward, so practice ahead of time!

Hairstyles for the New Year 2021 for medium hair - 20 beautiful ideas, step by step photos

1. High hairstyle designer

The advantage of this hairstyle is that it easily transforms from a chignon to a chignon and vice versa. The main thing is to create light and small curls that hide all the flaws.

2. Bundle of five braids

Divide your hair into five sections, remove the top two with bobby pins, and braid the bottom layer. Fasten them at the back of the head and only then finish the top strands and remove them in a circle.

3. More harnesses

This hairstyle is especially suitable for owners of thick hair, because the number of braids can be any. Separate and spiral all the strands you want and want.

4. New braided hairstyle

Here a completely different principle is used. It is necessary to immediately divide the hair into strands, twist into an even number of bundles and fix them. And then move them in pairs, starting with those closest to the face.

5. Tail for the princess

Unlike the usual tail, this one turns out to be very voluminous and almost fabulous in appearance. And you just need to first collect the whiskey in pigtails and rings, and only then fasten it with a bow on the back.

6. Hair bow

A hair bow is one of the easiest hairstyles you can think of. Here we propose to complicate and improve it a bit with thin braids and small details.

7. Chaos of curls

The main thing here is to correctly divide the hair into layers and twist elastic curls. Instead of a curling iron, you can use flagella or papillots. And then gradually take everything back with invisibility.

8. Elegant bagel

Even an ordinary ponytail can be turned into a smooth hairstyle if you twist it beautifully several times in a row, the main thing is that the length is sufficient.

9. Asymmetrical ponytail

If you don’t like sleek and symmetrical hairstyles, try a messy ponytail for the holidays. The secret is to weave an elegant spikelet on one side.

10. High hairstyle in five minutes

Doubts about your hairdressing abilities are not a reason to refuse a high hairstyle. This can be done by simply pulling and twisting the threads in pairs. And put the ends inside imperceptibly.

11. Chaotic weaving

An interesting feature of this style is that the braids are randomly twisted and diverge. The cleaned ends and strands in such weaving are very easy to hide.

12. A bunch with an elastic band with a scythe

Another version of the classic for those who prefer asymmetry. A loose spikelet on the side is ideally combined with a blunt bang. To make the bundle voluminous, take a special elastic band.

13. Fishtail in a bun

The fishtail braid holds its shape well and collects the strands. And to make it prettier, move the texture to the side and then collect it in a spiral.

14. Original tail

If you don’t like sleek buns and sleek curls, try this fancy ponytail! The more segments you make, the prettier it will look.

15. Wave braid

Start weaving a narrow spikelet from the forehead and temple on one side and gradually remove it with a wave behind the opposite ear. You can leave the end the same or tweak it again.

16. Braid knot

At your disposal is one of the simplest styles of a regular braid. Weave it tighter from the back of the head, and tuck the free end into the beginning of weaving.

17. Evening hairstyle

Gather part of the hair into a tight bun or bun, remove the rest, wrap them in turn and lay them on top. The main thing is that there should be more volume on the crown, and some loose curls on the sides.

18. Braid wreath

Another salvation for girls with thick hair, including unruly curly hair. An asymmetrical zigzag parting adds an extra touch.

19. Romantic New Year’s hairstyle

If you are planning a very light and romantic look, this hairstyle will complement it best. Braid two braids, twist the rest of the hair and pin it with pins.

20. Volume bun for thin hair

Owners of fine and thin hair will be saved by a special mesh. Braid very wide and loose flat braids and style them on top.

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