Creative manicure 2020

creative manicure in season 2020 – this is a manifestation of the individual taste of a fashionista. There are no strict requirements for design, choice of colors and textures. On the contrary, all you need is to use your creativity. And we will suggest a couple of interesting ideas to make your nails look really stylish and bright.

Top Best Creative Nail Art Ideas

The very concept of manicure in every woman causes its own associations. For one, it’s just well-groomed nails of a classic shape, covered with a transparent top, for the other, neat long nails, decorated with a modern and stylish design. And for the third, a manicure is a great opportunity for self-expression. And if you, dear fashionistas, belong to the latter category, then our next selection will definitely appeal to you.

Interesting! The combination of colors in manicure

Volumetric 3D design

The textured coating on the nails, even made in a restrained palette, looks very attractive and invariably attracts the eye. What is worth paying attention to here?

  • For example, on luxurious monograms sprinkled with acrylic powder. Embodied in nude tones, they look elegant and sophisticated. And if you choose brighter colors for such nail art, you get a fun and creative design that is perfect for any summer look.
  • Another type of 3D manicure is also very popular with modern fashionistas – noble stucco. It is created using a thick gel polish, reminiscent of plasticine, which allows you to depict figures on the nails that look like stucco on the walls of a historical building. Agree, this is very unusual? However, with the same success, masters sculpt beautiful voluminous flowers on the nail plates.
  • And, of course, you can’t do without 3D drawings in our today’s selection of creative types of manicure. After all, they look incredibly bewitching, attractive and realistic. What just do not bring to life! The simplest and most popular is, of course, floral motifs. Insects are no less in demand – from attractive ladybugs and butterflies to frightening spiders. In addition to them, berries and fruits, reptile skin, and mosaic patterns are in trend.

[tds_warning]Any volume design, whether it be modeling or realistic drawings, belongs to the category of complex. Therefore, to implement them, you need to contact only an experienced master who will be able to create a really stylish creative decor on your nails.[/tds_warning]

Louboutins on nails

This is one of the main fashion trends in the segment creative manicure on 2020 year. The main focus of the master here is on the so-called red bottom, by analogy with the famous shoes of the Louboutin brand, the main distinguishing feature of which is a bright red sole. What does this design look like?

In fact, it is incredibly simple to implement. You cover the front side of the nail with any desired shade of varnish. Most often, the choice falls on black gloss. And paint the regrown part of the nail plate from the inside with bright red. And when you have to gesticulate or do something with your hands, then not only the visible part of nail art, but also its hidden inner side, will catch the eye of others. And since it is painted in a caustic red color, it will invariably draw attention to your nails.

pom poms

Fluffy and downright adorable pompoms can easily be the highlight of any playful look. The main thing is not to ask him any semantic load. Fluffy soft balls are simply attached to the nail plate and attract attention. This trend is called cozy, naughty, and, of course, creative. How much you let your imagination run wild is up to you. After all, pompoms can serve as a small accent on one of the fingers, or decorate each finger on both hands. The sizes, colors and degree of fluffiness of this decor element are also very diverse. So there are plenty to choose from.

One drawback: doing household chores with such a manicure, and in particular wet cleaning, is very problematic. But he looks unusual.

spikes on nails

Didn’t expect this? But this is also a very remarkable trend. He first saw the light in 2018, and since then, ladies gravitating towards certain fashionable styles have chosen him. However, if you try, the spikes can be quite successfully entered into an everyday bow, the main thing is not to make them too expressive.

Fashion creative manicure with spikes will be a good decoration for nails on summer 2020. It will be great to combine with leather and denim clothes, and even with light airy outfits. The main thing in this case is to choose for nail art not gloomy, but light and calm shades of varnishes. Chains, massive rings and other decorations on fingers and clothes can act as additional accents to this manicure.

with pendant

Stylish and very unusual looks manicure, which is decorated with a small pendant on the tip of the nail. Of course, such a design cannot be called a novelty, since it has been found in everyday life for several seasons in a row, but it can definitely be considered creative. It is best to do this kind of piercing on long nails, so that, as they say, there is something to cling to. And for safety reasons, the suspension should be placed away from soft tissues that are easy to injure.

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What size, shape and color the pendant will be – then choose for yourself. We only note that the most popular among girls are neat jewelry with stones. They add luxury to the look. Piercing in the form of a ring will also look stylish on the nails – this solution is suitable even for office style. Also in the trend are pendants in the form of chains, locks and animals.

Thematic drawings

If you are looking for interesting ideas for a creative manicure, then refer to the thematic drawings. They are like a special kind of art in the nail art segment. Looking at some designs, you are involuntarily amazed at the imagination, talent and creative approach of the master.

As a rule, Halloween and New Year motifs are distinguished among thematic drawings. In the first case, mystical pictures on nails with skulls, coffins, crosses, crows and drops of blood will excite the imagination. This design looks creative and outrageous at the same time. And in the second – cute New Year’s pictures with Christmas trees, garlands, snowmen, deer and other holiday paraphernalia.

[tds_note]Besides, creative manicure 2020 is a colorful image of cartoon characters, tropics and seasons. Moreover, such nail art will look expressive and on short nails.[/tds_note]

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