Creon 10000: use for adults and children

Creon 10000 is a unique drug that is used for disorders in the digestive system, not only for adults, but also for children.

Today, one in three suffers from stomach problems. Improper nutrition, abuse of alcohol and fatty foods, excess weight are the most common causes of disorders in the digestive system.

Improper eating behavior is the cause of insufficiency of the exocrine function of the pancreas. Normally, juices are secreted in the amount necessary for the digestion of food, and if there is a deviation, there is a deficiency of vitamins and serious health problems, the solution of which requires the use of an enzyme preparation that allows the digestive process to be normalized. Creon 10000 belongs to one of these drugs.

The main characteristics of the drug

This drug is as follows: hard two-color capsules in a gelatin shell, inside of which there are light brown minimicrospherical granules.

One Creon capsule includes: 150 milligrams of pancreatin (from pig pancreas), 10,000 units of lipase, amylase, proteolytic enzymes.

Creon 10000 is an enzyme remedy that is used for a lack of enzyme production by the pancreas. Suitable for treatment of both children and adults.

The drug gradually dissolves in the gastrointestinal tract, and minimicrospheres with enzymes are mixed with the contents of the intestine and contribute to their better redistribution. In the small intestine, the membrane dissolves, and enzymes are released, subsequently proteins, fats and carbohydrates are broken down. Thus, due to enzymes, our body is saturated with useful substances and trace elements.

Indications for use

Insufficient exocrine function of the pancreas in children and adults, caused by all kinds of diseases of the digestive system, as well as:

  • cystic fibrosis;
  • pancreatitis;
  • gastrectomy;
  • pancreatic cancer.

Application by children

The drug Creon for children is prescribed for a lack of enzymes as a result of violations of the physiological development of the digestive system. There are complaints about the instability of the stool, increased gas formation, heaviness after eating, belching, and so on. Such children eat little, are sickly, have a lack of weight. Creon 10000 helps to improve the digestion of food due to the enzymes present in it – compounds that take part in the process of breaking down nutrients: proteins, fats and carbohydrates to the smallest ones that enter the bloodstream.

Even the smallest children – infants, can be given the drug Creon. It is considered the safest and most acceptable means for them.

How to take medicine for a baby? Creon 10000 is prescribed by a doctor in small doses for a short period of time in order to avoid disruptions in the natural functioning of the pancreas. When prescribing, the degree of the disease and the age of the child are taken into account.

If a very young child is not able to swallow such large capsules, pour the contents contained in it into milk or baby food. Make sure the liquid is not too hot! Divide the daily dose of the drug into 3 parts and give the baby the first time – before meals, the second time – during meals, the third time – after meals.

This remedy is usually well tolerated by children. In rare cases, side effects may occur, it depends on the characteristics of the body of a particular person. It is important that it is prescribed to be used by allergic children.

Results after application

With the systematic treatment with Creon, positive changes in the processes of digestion, complete assimilation of useful substances are observed. Children quickly gain weight, intestinal dysfunction is eliminated, flatulence and intestinal colic disappear.

Reviews of mothers about the use of Creon by their children confirm its effectiveness and benefits. They distinguish Creon among other enzyme medicines and note the solution to digestive problems: it eliminates painful in the stomach, normalizes stools, and eliminates belching.

How to use

Creon dosing involves taking into account individual factors: the intensity of disturbances in the digestion of food and the composition of food consumed, the weight of a person. Children under 4 years of age are prescribed 1000 units per day. lipases per kilogram of body weight. Children from 4 to 12 years old 500 IU. for every kg. Adult patients 10000-40000 IU. with every meal.

Take the drug inside, at the time of eating or after a meal. Swallow whole tablets, do not crush or bite them – this will damage their enteric coating and cause irritation of the mucous membrane. Take the capsules with large amounts of liquid, especially if you are dehydrated.

If swallowing is difficult (in the elderly), it is necessary to open the capsule and mix the contained mini-microspheres with a non-hard food with a sour taste or drink it with an acidified liquid. Such products include: yoghurts, juices, jelly. Do not store food mixed with medicine, but only eat freshly prepared food.


Individual intolerance to the components, in which the doctor prescribes similar enzyme preparations, inflammation of the pancreas, exacerbated or acute pancreatitis. In such cases, deterioration of the patient’s condition can be observed.

With long-term treatment of children with Creon, consult a specialist regularly.

Side effects are very rare. However, there are complaints of abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, constipation and diarrhea, rash and itching, and allergies.

After prolonged use, you can quickly gain excess body weight, so you must follow the diet prescribed by your doctor.

When using Creon by children, no special side effects were found, and if any did occur, they were similar to the reactions of adults.

Storage conditions

Creon 10000 is available without a doctor’s prescription. You need to store the drug, tightly closing the container, the temperature should be no more than 30 degrees, the shelf life is about two years. Opened package no more than six months. Keep out of reach of children.

Some Features

The drug does not affect the ability to drive. Effects on the fetus and the course of pregnancy have not been studied. The combination with other drugs has not been studied.

In patients with cystic fibrosis, taking large amounts of pancreatin, strictures of the colon and caecum were detected. If you notice unusual changes in the abdomen, immediately undergo a medical examination.


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