Cupping facial massage at home

Massage is a very important procedure for the human body. It is not only able to improve blood circulation, restore the functions of blood vessels and other systems involved in life support, but also noticeably adds mood and vitality. A person who regularly undergoes such a procedure becomes more sociable, efficient and attractive. It cannot be seen by others. Both men and women need the services of a massage therapist. But the latter in particular, since attractiveness is one of the main highlights of every woman.

There are several types of massages, each of which is aimed at restoring certain vital systems. For a woman, a cupping facial massage is a very important aspect. However, in the bustle of the city, not every woman can afford such pleasure by visiting a beauty salon. But, taking into account some simple rules, such a massage is very easy to carry out at home. This will not only save you from the extra financial costs that are required in specialized massage parlors. At home, a person feels more comfortable and it is easier for him to relax, which is just necessary for the successful completion of such a pleasant procedure.

Cupping facial massage process

To conduct a cupping massage, you need vegetable oil of a fairly good quality. Thus, the skin will be enriched with nutrients. When choosing the type of oil, you should rely solely on the characteristics of your body and your own tastes.

First of all, you need to clean the skin with a cleanser in warm water, then lubricate with oil. The massage procedure can also be done in the bath, where the skin is steamed and can be cleansed in a steam dress in 10-15 minutes. After that, it will be possible to proceed directly to the massage procedure.

The size of the selected jars for massage is especially important. Small jars can be used in the eye area, and above the upper lip. Larger jars will come in handy in the cheeks and forehead area. Do not forget that the depth of skin processing strongly depends on the size of these jars.

Selected jars are carried out along the upper part of the forehead, slightly slowing down at short intervals of the skin. This massage is done mainly along the massage parts of the skin, along the lines.

To make a massage in the cheekbones, you need to lower the lower jaw and make a long “o” sound, slightly straining your lips. At the same time, running the jar over the skin with movements from top to bottom. When massaging on the lower jaw, remember to hold the skin with your other hand to avoid sprains.

Cupping facial massage lasts 15-20 minutes. For the first procedure, 8-10 minutes is enough. At the end, you feel warmth and a slight tingling of the skin. There may be bruising. But this is considered normal, for this type of massage, they disappear after a couple of days.

It should be noted right away that the use of glass jars, with a cold symptom, is no longer used in the present. They were replaced by silicone jars of different sizes, creating a more pleasant and comfortable feeling for the skin. They can be purchased, in general, at any pharmacy.

How to choose jars for massage?

In order for the result of the massage to be of better quality and lasting, you need to choose the right jars. Due to the fact that they come in different sizes – the larger they are, the better the skin is drawn in, and the muscle tissues on the face are deeply processed. Often, banks for such a procedure are sold packed in 4 pieces in sizes of 50, 33, 22 and 11 mm.

The skin on the face is delicate and sensitive and the subcutaneous tissue is thinner than on the rest of the body, and therefore it is necessary to proceed more carefully with the specific action of cans on different parts of the face. With carelessness in the use of cans, bruises can be made on the face. Therefore, for the first time this procedure is best performed with the help of a specialist in order to learn this in the future.

For example, with the help of large cans, it is very comfortable to carry out this massage on the forehead and cheeks. By making a persistent vacuum effect, tighten hung muscles, and also smooth out small wrinkles. Small jars are required to massage those parts of the face where the skin is thinner and more vulnerable – in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe lower part of the eyes and between the nose and lips.

Do not forget to make sure that there are no cracks and sharp edges on the edges of the jars, so that they are all smooth, otherwise you can injure the skin. It is advisable to buy banks only in pharmacies, requiring the seller to provide a certificate of product quality.

Cupping massage effect

And what are the effects of cupping, as well as vacuum massage for the face? From the creation of a vacuum, oxygen metabolism occurs, and skin cells are fed with oxygen. When applying the necessary actions, the skin becomes clean, cleared of dirty particles in the cells.

Cupping massage also tones the skin, improves the condition of the capillaries and has a good effect on the complexion, prevents puffiness, gives the skin firmness and elasticity.

In what way does cupping massage help prevent skin aging? Everything is pretty easy. The negative load that occurs when the suction cup is squeezed stimulates blood circulation and venous outflow. There is a possibility that after a vacuum massage, hemorrhages form on certain parts of the skin: there is no need to be scared, this is a normal reaction (do not be afraid of simple bruises that may appear due to incorrect cupping during the procedure). Absolutely not all the capillaries of our body are in good condition, some of them after a while begin to become weak and brittle.

Capillaries that have been torn during the actions of the bank are replaced by new, healthier ones with active functioning actions. This means that oxygen starvation of the skin has already ended, but there will be a reset of the strong state of muscle tissue and collagen renewal, which will noticeably reduce wrinkles on the face. You will have sufficiently elastic and fresh skin that breathes well and shines with a healthy color.

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