Cute manicure with cats

Manicure with painted cats is an ideal option for lovers of cute designs. After all, besides the fact that smiling cute cats on the nails not only make the manicure as a whole much brighter and more interesting, they also cheer you up. Therefore, there are a lot of design options for “cat” nail art this season, among which we chose the funniest ones and presented them later in the article.

Bright manicure with cats

Types of manicure with cats

In modern nail art today, there are several types of designs with cats that can easily become both the main focus in manicure and harmoniously fit as a complementary element into any nail design. These include the options below.

Cat, gold and rhinestones

  • Silhouettes. The most beneficial combination, which is based on the application of black cat silhouettes over a light base. Most often, such a design is created thanks to artistic painting or stickers. At the same time, cats can have completely different poses, which makes the design as a whole even more interesting. One or two fingers should be decorated with such decor, and on the rest you can place broths or small black rhinestones.

Summer manicure for a cat in a marine style

  • Painting in a cat theme. A very beautiful and complex design that requires certain skills to create it. In the work in this case, not only one, but completely all nails can be used, on which solid pictures with cats as the main characters are applied.

Bright manicure with Garfield

  • hello kitty. A kind of children’s theme, which young girls often decorate their nails with. After all, hot pink cats with all kinds of bows and colored rhinestones as a result create a very catchy and spectacular design that leaves no one indifferent.

Gentle cat in Asian anime style

  • Volumetric manicure with cats. This is an extremely effective design, in which the main focus is the drawings of cats on the nails, made using the technique of volumetric modeling. Most often, it is also complemented with rhinestones, kamifubuki and sequins of different sizes.

Volumetric cats and manicure in gray tones

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! The design of a manicure with voluminous cats, despite all its originality, is very impractical in everyday wear, and therefore it is better to do it for a certain event.[/stextbox]

“Cartoon” cat

  • With paws. The original version of the manicure with cats, the essence of which is to create patterns in the form of footprints that can be placed on the nails, both as the main decor and in a “duet” with the cats themselves. Such a design is made mainly on a plain white or other substrate that contrasts with the decor.

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Neat paws

Fashion design ideas with cats

The cat theme is so diverse that many designs can be created on its basis, including even evening ones. And so that you can see for yourself, we offer you to get acquainted with our selection of manicure design ideas with fashionable cats.


Glamor cats with rhinestones

  • deep design. Ideal for long nails. It is based on a transparent silhouette of a cat, located in the middle of a dark matte substrate the length of the entire nail. To complement such a manicure, a scattering of glitter or a mirror rub applied over adjacent marigolds will help.

Bright cats in the spirit of pop art

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! You can create a beautiful manicure with cats using the deep design technique on short nails. The main thing is to make the elements of the picture as simple and small as possible.[/stextbox]

Cat stickers with rhinestones

  • “Gray cat”. Fashionable and very versatile manicure that will easily fit into any outfit. Its highlight is a gray smiling cat painted over a neutral beige base. The drawing can be done on one or simultaneously decorate two or three nails at once.

Series of cats on nails

  • “There are never too many cats“. A funny and very effective design, in which several different pictures in the form of cats are located on the nails at once. They can sit, stand, lie down to sleep or meow, thus creating a certain story.

Cats in black and white manicure

  • “Peeping cats“. An original manicure that will be appreciated by others. Its feature is nails covered with different colored gel polishes, aged in a light palette, on top of which there are cat faces supposedly peeking out from the side from under the cuticle.

Cat in watercolor technique and ombre manicure

  • Foil. A bright and relevant design in 2018, which is created by applying a colored decorative coating on the nails and highlighting one finger with a cat figurine made of gold foil, laid out on top of the base. The silhouette itself can be cut out yourself or you can purchase ready-made stickers.

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An interesting option for painting nails with cat’s eyes

  • “Geometric cats”. But this is just an option for those who are not “friends” with drawing. After all, making a silhouette of a cat from several triangles, rhombuses and squares will not be difficult even for a beginner in nail design.

Cat in the style of minimalism

  • dreamy kitties“. A very cute design, the essence of which is that a decorative coating of light pastel shades is applied to the nails. At the same time, the ring nail stands out with a dreaming cat face in the form of a simple drawing or a ready-made sticker.

A series of drawings with cats for nails

An interesting version of a textured manicure with a cat on a winter theme

  • Glamorous.” For lovers of everything bright and shiny, this design will be just right. One has only to draw an elegant cat on top of a bright colored substrate and embellish it with large multi-colored pebbles or broths.

Pompous design with cats

  • French with cats. French manicure roams from year to year and, according to forecasts, will also be relevant in the coming 2019. Therefore, now it is used not only as a basic manicure, but also as a decorative substrate in various designs, including “cat” ones. It can be either black silhouettes of cats located on top of a classic white jacket, or color drawings placed on the border of the French smile line.

Delicate jacket with cats

  • “Money cat“. A novelty in the field of the nail industry, which is most often found in photos on social networks. The essence of the design of such a manicure is that the ring finger stands out with the image of a money cat with a coin in its paws, and the rest are covered with a colored monochromatic gel polish. According to many, this design not only looks beautiful on the nails, but also brings financial well-being.

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Manicure with the most angry cat in the world

  • Simon”. Funny cartoon character cat Simon not only fell in love with modern fashionistas, but also became a kind of decoration for manicure. Highlight like this…

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