Cystelle (Cistelle) from cystitis: instructions for use

Modern approaches to the treatment of cystitis include not only the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, but also the intake of biologically active substances from natural ingredients. In particular, Cystel is actively promoting in the pharmacology market. Before taking the drug, you need not only to read the instructions and methods of application.

The composition of the drug

Cystelle is considered not only an innovative medicine in the pharmacological market, but also distinguished by its versatility. The developers of dietary supplements synthesized D-Mannose and bearberry herb extract. This combination can have a positive effect at any stage of the development of cystitis. Why were these preparations chosen as the composition? The fact is that D-mannose belongs to polysaccharides and is produced in the cells of the epithelium that lines the urinary tract. Bearberry relieves inflammation and protects against further spread of infection.

Why use Cystelle?

The appearance of itching in the perineum, constant urge to urinate, pain in the pelvis, fever – this is not a complete list of symptoms of cystitis. For a long time, doctors believed that the disease appears due to hypothermia. They treated cystitis with antibiotics, mistakenly considering such anti-inflammatory therapy a panacea for recovery. The use of antibiotics has not always been effective.

It turns out that the cause of cystitis is the bacterium Escherichia coli or E. coli. Under certain conditions, it is useful for the body. Living in the intestines, it is involved in digestion. When it enters the urethra, E. coli multiplies, but does not “meet” nutrients in its path. For most patients, the onset of the disease is imperceptible. But at the slightest hypothermia or if the immune system fails, itching begins in the perineum.

The use of antibiotics can destroy viruses or bacteria. In the case of E. coli, such therapy is not always effective. This is due to the fact that the wand in the process of evolution “learned” to defend itself from “enemies” and developed a special film that protects it. Not all antibiotics are able to destroy such a “barrier”. Even if you use antibiotics in liquid form and pour them directly inside, then this may not be effective enough. The negative point of this application is the fact of the complete destruction of not only harmful, but also beneficial microflora.

These reasons have intensified the research of scientists in the search for effective, and most importantly, natural drugs in the treatment of cystitis. Today, Cystelle has passed clinical trials and is widely used in the treatment of cystitis.


How does the drug work?

Scientists have determined that D-mannose sugar does not take part in the synthesis of intestinal nutrients and, if it enters the urinary ducts, easily destroys the bacterial protective film of Escherichia coli. The components of this chemical element bind bacteria and their metabolic products and are excreted in the urine.

Bearberry extract enhances the effect of the polysaccharide, disinfects the genitourinary tract. In general, this medicinal herb is able to relieve pain and itching in the bladder area. In addition, bearberry activates kidney cells, protects them from infection. It is known that in the chronic form, Escherichia coli is able to multiply and spread upward to the kidneys, while provoking pyelonephritis.


The drug Cystel is used for the following symptoms:

  • cloudy urine;
  • sharp pain during urination;
  • frequent urges;
  • irritation in the perineum, itching;
  • sensations of a “full” bladder.

In the acute form of cystitis, there is an increase in body temperature and chills.

Doctors recommend the drug not only as a treatment, but also for the prevention of the disease.

Mode of application

The instructions for use say that Cystelle is taken as a treatment and as a preventive measure. During an exacerbation of cystitis or in the chronic course of the disease, this dietary supplement is prescribed one capsule twice a day. Moreover, they are taken either before meals or after meals. The duration of treatment is at least two weeks and not more than 30 days. The effect of treatment occurs after a few days. But you can not stop treatment, despite the positive dynamics of recovery. Do not be afraid that such a long-term use adversely affects the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Due to the organic composition and gelatin shell, the contents of the capsules do not irritate the walls of the stomach and are not harmful to other digestive organs. In the acute form, the drug is used as an additional treatment with antibiotics. After a month of use, you need to take a break. To exclude the recurrence of the disease, it is desirable to repeat the course of treatment three times during the year. This is due to the fact that a small part of the bacteria in the chronic form of the disease may be inactive. And under favorable conditions, they can intensify their activities. Non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene and hypothermia provokes a relapse of the disease.

If the disease is diagnosed in the initial stages, then mono-use of the drug without antibiotics is allowed. In such cases, mild symptoms of cystitis are observed. Enhances the effect of the use of dietary supplements drug nitroxoline (two capsules every 4 hours a day). If after a week of use the state of health worsens, then it is necessary to take tests and seek additional treatment from a specialist.

For preventive purposes, it is sufficient to use two courses of the drug per year.


Treatment effectiveness

The use of Cystelle showed a positive trend in the recovery of acute and chronic forms of cystitis in 90% of cases. The strengths of the drug are:

  • rapid elimination of E.coli bacteria;
  • maintaining the normal state of the amount of beneficial microflora;
  • does not violate the function of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Directly acts exclusively on the urinary tract;
  • almost no contraindications;
  • effective for cystitis and urethritis;
  • good prophylactic.


Cystel has almost no side effects and contraindications. Among the latter, the following applications can be noted:

  • personal intolerance and allergic reactions in the form of skin rashes (urticaria):
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation period.

It is important to follow the instructions when using the drug and then the side effects in the form of rashes or nausea will be minimal. The biologically active agent does not affect the coordination of movements, does not cause drowsiness, so driving a car does not…

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